Samsung Galaxy S8 Keeps Self Restarting or Rebooting Fix 3

Its seems that while the Samsung Galaxy S8 is off to a great start that lots of users are experiencing Restarting or rebooting issues. With the issue the phone will boot up fine and then restart a few minutes after fully booting up, meaning you can start using the phone and then it reboots without warning. For others they experience a reboot every 30 to 40 minutes. It’s very annoying when your phone does this especially when there is no clear reason why its acting like this.Read below for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Keeps Self Restarting or Rebooting fix to correct the issue.

The Problem

As mentioned above the issue to be clear involves the Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ rebooting at random or turning off without warning. This may happen a few minutes after the phone fully boots up or 30 minutes or so into using the phone it reboots. Some times you may be using particular apps such as the Camera when the Behavior is triggered.If you are in an App it will freeze then the display will go blank and the phone restart.

What does not work?

Its seems in most cases that trying to do a hard reset will not work in fixing the problem so you may want to bear that in mind before going through the trouble of attempting this. Some users have explained that doing a rest only fixes the issue for a while and the issues then comes back.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Keeps Self Restarting or Rebooting

How to fix the Problem?

Note that the issue may be caused by any number of issues and no two situations might not be the same in terms of fixing the issue so attempts all the following until the issue is fixed:

1.Disable the Always on Display feature.To do this go to settings-Lock screen and security Always on display. From here you can turn the feature off.

2.The MicroSD card might be triggering or causing the issue. Remove your MicroSD card and try using your device and see if the issue continues.

If Removing the MicroSD card works you can backup pictures and important files and format the SD card as files on it might be conflicting with your device and then add the pictures and so on back later. The phone should start working with the SD card again.

3.Did you transfer settings and data from an older device this transfer might be the cause of the issue. Its recommended you avoid transferring your data or settings over to the new device and using it as normal. You may also looking into doing a reset and avoiding doing a data transfer of your old stuff.

4. Update your phone to the latest version of Android. Getting the latest stability fixes for your device in some cases might be able to fix the issue and prevent the issue so make sure you are on the latest version of Android or update available from your carrier.

5.Remember if the issue is really bad and you cant fix it you can always return your device for a replacement as this might be a issue that affecting only a handful of handsets.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully Samsung will become aware of this issue and provide a fix through updates as they did with the Last major issue with the Galaxy S8 which is now fixed officially.So guys what do you think about this issue? are you experiencing the problem of Samsung Galaxy S8 Keeps Self Restarting or Rebooting? If you are please share your views below and solution as well if you have found one that works better. Also do share this article with a friend on social media.
























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3 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S8 Keeps Self Restarting or Rebooting Fix

  • Daniela Menezes

    Hello Ricardo.
    I am experiencing the same issue, rebooting, with a Samsung Tab S 8.4. Do you have any article about this tablet?
    Could you please try to help me to diagnose what is wrong with my tablet?

    Thank you very much.

    • Daniela Menezes

      I’ve figured it out what it was: my tablet was glitching for a while, mostly when the battery reached 30%. Then, even at 70%. After that, it started also to reboot. I opened the tabler, unplugged the battery, cleaned it and plugged it back. It is working again. No more glitching or rebooting.