Full Cover Tempered Glass Screen Protector

It seems like getting a really Good screen protector for the Galaxy S8 that’s just right is almost next to impossible. The best fit I found so far after the first one that I bought failed miserably was the Full Cover Tempered Glass Screen Protector. It came in a nice plastic see through case and is really catchy to the eyes. It’s also does not take anything away from the Galaxy S8 at all in terms of looks.

This is definitely the Tempered Glass screen protector you would need that has both looks and protective ability.It has clear glass at the center and black borders at the top and bottom. The sensor cuts outs are perfectly aligned at the front of the Screen protector to allow the front Camera, Ear piece, LED flash and so on to work as they should.


It features Oleophobic & Lyophobic coated tempered glass with State of the art 3D technology. All this translates to a next to perfect Tempered glass screen protector that goes on easy as the holes for the camera and front sensors match perfectly. It’s a easy fit too as it perfectly proportioned for the front of the phone.

Full Cover Tempered Glass Screen Protector

When the phone display lights up it’s as if the Tempered glass screen protector is no there at all. I was really impressed with this. Smudges are also not easily visible unless you are in direct light and it resists smudges better than the default screen. There is also less glear in direct sunlight although the S8 by itself gets really bright for viewing under those conditions on auto. The touch works really well when the screen protector is on although I had some early issues.

There is also a number of options to choose from such as various colors that matches the Galaxy S8 color schemes or a clear option. I suggest you go with the one that matches your phone color though.

Full Cover Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Issues with this screen Protector:

I have noticed a few issues with this protector,the first of which is that cases that cover the edges as most cases do cause conflict with the screen protector. At first when I installed the screen protector it worked well but the minute two different cases were used it result in touch rejection and dead spots on-screen.

I only realized the case was to blame after removing it and cleaning the screen protector which reseated the tempered glass screen protector. I loved the screen protector so much that I ditched both my cases. The idea now is that I will be finding a skin case or Tempered glass screen protector for the back cover. As of now I have the plastic that came on the back of the phone on to help resist scratches until then.

Also I realized that after installing I had problems swiping down the notification tray although the entirety of the screen works well. There is only one spot in the upper right that cause it to open. So I installed a Show notifications app that drops the notification bar for me easily. After all the S8 screen is really tall so it was no big issue.


This is a great screen protector and the issues I had may have been to a slight issue or miss up when installing the Tempered Glass screen protector. This is hardly anything to really crie about unless you are really peculiar about your stuff. I highly doubt that you will find a better Tempered glass screen protector. So if you can overlook the flaws it really that good and at least worth looking at, if the issues experienced with the Screen Protector are a deal breakers then skip it.

Why you should buy this?

1.Great protection and features.

2.Clear viewing of your phone works like the real display.

3.Does not take from the looks of the phone at all.

4.Aligns and goes on easily.

Why you may skip this:

1.Does not work with most cases.

2.You may have slight issues after installation such as notification tray not opening smoothly as before.


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