Akaho Tempered Glass Screen Protector (Really Crappy)

The Akaho Tempered Glass Screen Protectors is a series of Tempered Glass Screen protectors that’s produced for the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. I bought mine from Amazon and I made the big mistake of not doing my full research before deciding on it. I must say this is the worst Screen protector I have ever seen in a long while, no joke.

To be fair let me run this product through its regular review paces and look at both the Good and the Bad. Also note these are my honest opinions after buying the product with my own money and giving it a solid chance as a regular purchase on Amazon as most of my other product reviews except were otherwise stated.

Akaho Tempered Glass Screen

What this product did right was the packaging which has a carbon fiber like look to it. The packaging is actually made of a board like material that provides a protective housing for the screen protector. Inside you get the usual screen cleaning accessories and sticky tape to help with the installation, along with a micro fiber cloth for cleaning.

Akaho Tempered Glass Screen Protector

The Glass screen protector which looks like a solid piece of curved glass came inside a foam bag that protected it further. Akaho did well with the packaging and presentation for that I give them top marks.This thing will not get damaged in shipping.


Here is my recommendation for a better Alternative product that is of a higher quality and worth the money you will pay for it. .

Installation and Experience

Akaho Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Installation was great and it went on nicely after cleaning. That was it though for the positive side of things as everything went down hill fast from there. The first sore point was that after application the Tempered Glass screen protector now seemed like two slabs of glass sandwiched on top of each other poorly. The sides also barely covered the curve of the edge of the phone which messed with swiping from the sides,it was not full coverage.

The touch was responsive but not as before although that was not the big problem. You could see the glue beneath the display which was visible and distracting. The screen also looked glossy or more reflective which reduced the overall great quality of what is a brilliant display on the Galaxy S8. It also made the phone look cheap and shabby which is not a good thing.Imagine having a pearl or gem only to cover up its beauty making it look like a simple rock with no discernible attractive features.

My first thought was to remove the screen protector. I stuck with it a bit to test it out but removed it quickly after this. Let me tell you this now, this product is a really poor quality Tempered Glass screen protector and you should avoid it like the plague.I removed it from my phone soon after the review was completed.

This Product:

Here is this product for reference. Remember I do not recommend it and only want to show you the product itself. Also don’t be fooled by the pictures you can watch my video review to see what it looks like exactly.

What was good about this product?

1.The packaging and presentation was excellent.

2.The product was well protected in its case.

What was bad:

1.It looks hideous and hides the beauty of the Galaxy S8/S8 Plus.

2.Messes with the curved edges of the phone.

3.Poor product quality control. There was visible glue beneath the glass.

4.Made the screen look glossy and took from the looks of the beautiful screen of the Galaxy S8.

5.Cost too much considering the bad quality.

6. Unusable in the end removed it from the phone within the first five minutes or so as this product was really shabby and made the Galaxy S8 look cheap.


I said it earlier and I will say it again. Do not buy this product as the only good thing about it is the packaging. It makes the Galaxy S8 look hideous and defeats the purpose of having an expensive phone with one of the best displays in the business right now. This thing is a step backward and I have learned a lesson, which is to properly do my research before buying even a simple product.Seems the curved display gives manufacturers problems when producing these protectors. Its even harder for consumers to find a perfect one that wont hide or mess with the phones functionality.

If one good has come from this is that I get to warn my readers so they can stay clear of this product. I actually picked up another Screen Protector which you can read about here that’s far from perfect but hit all the right notes. If you have questions or comments please leave them below.

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