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So I have a very exciting article for you guys today and it involves showing you how to get free VPN and best of all its unlimited. So what this means for you is that you will be able to browse in private and making it that much harder for your activities to be tracked online and thus improving your privacy. This method is mainly for those users who are using a desktop computer or a Laptop. Strange that while in most cases you actually have to pay for a VPN service that there are actually free ones out there if you actually know where to look.

But wait what if You are using a mobile device such as Android? then check out our other article on free VPN for Android.So as you can see we have you covered from all major angles.

Unlimited Free VPN

So in order to get this Free VPN you need to:

1.Download the Latest version of Opera Web Browser.

2.Once downloaded and installed go ahead and Launch Opera and click on the Menu option in the upper left and go to settings.

Free VPN

3.Go to privacy and security. Under VPN check the option: Enable VPN.

4.The feature is now activated and you can see that it’s on from the Blue VPN logo in the address bar area.

Free VPN

5.Click on the VPN logo to see data used and you can even set your preferred or optimal location as you desire. Available locations include: United States, Canada,Germany and more.

Things to bear in Mind:

1.Do not abuse the service by doing illegal or shady things as Opera will not allow it.

2.It may or May not be as fast as the top speed of your Internet connection, but in my experience its fast enough.

3.Actually read the Terms of service and learn more in settings under privacy and security as it will tell you how to better use the service and what you can and cannot do.

4.Enjoy this great service from Opera.


This is a great under taking by Opera and to offer a service like this for free is no small task. Services like this are very costly. Yet Opera is offering this for free which is something other browsers are not offering right now. Let hope this will be the beginning of a long and prosperous relationship between Opera and its users.

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