Easily Remove Scratches From iPhone X

So in today’s article I will be looking at one way you can actually remove scratches from the edges or borders of the iPhone X. The borders are made from stainless steel and as such its prone to being scratched allot with small scratches that can ruin the look of your phone. This is especially true if you did not put your device in a case right away.Lucky for you though with this method here you can actually remove the scratches from your device edges.

Why remove the scratches?

Well for one it will make the phone look better and that can be great in cases where you want to resell your device to make it look almost like new where it had scratches.Finally of course it one less thing to trigger your OCD when all those scratches are gone and overall the phone will look better.

Remove Scratches From iPhone X

What you will need?

1.Mothers Mag & Aluminum Polish or something similar

2.Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Please Note:

This will not remove deep scratches but only light surface scratches (Micro scratches), these can look especially bad after a lot of them accumulate on the surface edge of the iPhone X. This method should also work on other similar phones that made of a similar material.

How to remove Scratches from iPhone X?

1.With the Microfiber cloth get some of the Aluminum Polish, just a small amount will do and run it into the side edges with the scratches.

2.Make sure to rub it in real good and polish the surface of the phone, Rub it in one direction to the grain of the phone and when satisfied use a lean end of the cloth and rub the excess off to a polished shine.

3.Don’t worry about the residue of that’s on the cloth and be sure to get it really clean.

So that should now remove those annoying scratches on your phone. Really deep scratches cant be removed but it does remove those smaller ones that makes the phone look really ugly. If this was helpful please share your thoughts below and also share this article on social media with friends. We also have plenty of other articles for you to check out.

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