Smartphone not charging when plugged in

So this is not anything new you plug-in your phone as usual to give it a charge as the battery is running low and your Smartphone not charging when plugged in. Does this sound like your situation? Well this happens more times than you may know. Also the reasons for it happening can vary from device to device. So if you are faced with this issue there is a very good chance we can fix it as directed below.

Why is this happening to my Phone?

Well for starters there are a variety of reasons this may be happening from your charger or its cable being bad to the charge port being dirty or corroded to other issues. So if you need an answer skip to the fix section below.

Devices this may affect:

This issue may affect any old or modern smartphone that on the market especially if you have had your device for a while now. Be sure to try all the tips in the order that they are given and the problem should be fixed for most persons.

Smartphone not charging when plugged in

How to Fix Smartphone not charging when plugged in?

1.Check your charger it may be damaged. I suggest you try a new one or replace the cables in a few cases the charger or its cable will be at fault.Also try another outlet in your home or try charging from your computer.

2.The charge port may be corroded or dirty. I suggest that you clean the charge port thoroughly you can learn how to do so here: How to clean the charge port to fix phone that’s not charging.

3.If none of the above still does not work then power off the phone and remove the battery. Next hold down power while the battery is out for a minute and then replace the battery and while still off plug your phone in. In my experience it should start to charge while off. When it’s fully charged disconnect and then power up and use your phone as normal. You can try charging after this while the phones on and it should start working again as normal.

4.In a few cases it may be a situation where your charge port is damaged and you will need to have it repaired, this usually happens on older device after extended or prolonged usage.

Final Thoughts

I love it when things simply work but sometimes they don’t as they should as in the case of your Smartphone not charging when plugged in. Hopefully the problem is now fixed for you and you can charge your device again to use. If this was helpful then please share in the comments below as well as sharing this article with a friend. We also accept donations and you can check out our other articles as well.


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