How to Hard Reset a U8 Smartwatch 3

So if for some reason your U8 Smartwatch is not functioning as it should for example its freezing up, getting errors, lagging or something similar you may consider doing a Hard Reset of your smartwatch which in most cases is enough to actually getting it working once more like it should.

Will this erase my Device?

In this case using this method will not erase your data at all so you can rest easy as the reset that’s being performed is a soft reset.

Video Demonstration:

Watch the video to see how to reset your smartwatch.

How to Hard Reset a U8 Smartwatch?

If your U8 Smartwatch is giving issues then go ahead and :

1.Turn the watch over to the back.

How to Hard Reset a U8 Smartwatch

2. On the metal plating on the back look for a small pin hole. It should be in the lower right depending on how you are holding your device.

3.Get a blunt pin or paper clip and make sure its straightened out and place it into the hole and hold for about 30 seconds or until you hear a chime from the device which should start back up.

4.Thats it if your device was frozen or not responding it should be working perfectly now.

What did I do to my device?

What you did was to reset your device which can come in handy when it’s not responding, become frozen or other similar cases in which your smartwatch is not functioning correctly. This is really important considering your device’s battery is built-in too and in case the power button or other buttons fails to work.

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3 thoughts on “How to Hard Reset a U8 Smartwatch

  • haley

    this was great info… but didn’t work on my watch!
    (the hole on back seems to be even further down the right hand corner than what you have pictured, and I’m wondering if it was drilled in the wrong place? nothing I contact with a pin feels like it has any give the way a button would. If this was the case, do I have any other remedies?)

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      The button should have been in the same place. If you have access to the watches interface seeing it might be different check the menus under settings and see if you can find any option for reset.