Fix GT08, DZ09, or U8 Smartwatch not Turning On 17

Today I would like to look at how to Fix GT08, DZ09, or U8 Smartwatch not Turning On issue. Now if you own any of these watches you know these are the affordable line of Smartwatches which makes them very popular. Also every now and again they tend to have issue where you charge them up fully and when you try to power them on they simply wont turn on for some reason. Today I will be looking at how you can fix this issue on any of these cheap smart watches or similar devices in design.

What is the Issue?

As described above cheap Smartwatches that are affected by this issue simply won’t turn on even after charging, pressing the power or sleep wake button or home button you simply wont get anything from your watch. So much so that you may even consider throwing this device away thinking its no good.

What the cause of the Issue?

In most cases the cause of these watches not powering up or on is a manufacturing flaw where the battery pins or terminals are not making full connection with the battery as they should.In other words the battery does not fully sit flush in the back when the cover is on the watch and seeing your hands tend to be mobile and move around this will result in it moving out of the fixed position it needs to be in and thus no power to the device.

For things to work properly the battery needs to be a snug fit in its compartment making perfect contact and not rocking or sliding out of place.

What devices does this issue affect?

This issue affects Smartwatches such as the GT08, DZ09, or U8 Smartwatch or devices of a similar design.This can happen to a new Smartwatch out of the box or it can happen to you after you have had the device for a while and it was working fine.

How to fix the Not turning on Issue with these cheap Smartwatches?

Fix GT08, DZ09, or U8 Smartwatch not Turning On

Please note that this fix only works in some cases and not all. It advice that you at least try this fix a few times before giving up.

1.Remove the back cover of your Smartwatch.

2. Next cut a piece of paper that about 2-3 sheets thick to place in the back of the watch on top of the battery. This will act as a stand-off so the battery can make proper connection with its connectors to power the watch once the cover is put back on.Also a small piece of cotton can also do the trick about the size as on a q-tip too.

Fix GT08, DZ09, or U8 Smartwatch not Turning On

3.Now snap the back on of the Smartwatch once more. Now the battery will be pushed into place perfectly with the paper stand-off that you create and its no longer loose and now making a perfect connection with the terminals and not sliding or falling out of place due to the gap that was once between the battery and the cover.

4. Power your Smartwatch on as you normally do and it should power up easily unlike before.

Final Thoughts

As you can see guys this was a case of the battery not holding in place after the back cover of this Smartwatch was placed on which can be very annoying as you can see. So guys do share your experience below and tell me if this worked for you as it did in my case. If it did then do share this article with a friend or two on social media.



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17 thoughts on “Fix GT08, DZ09, or U8 Smartwatch not Turning On

  • Phill

    Hi.My smart watch is connected to the battery by two wires so its not a case of the battery not holding the clips perfectly. Any other advice?

  • Eric

    Did not work at first attempt and then I realised one of the covers corners wasn’t clicking in as it should, so I reopened it and made the piece of paper a bit thinner, this time the cover closed properly and the watch powered up and is now working, so glad I found your tip as this was heading for the bin…Thanks!!

  • Tony

    A friend asked me to look at a DZ09 watch given to him. It never powered ON from the start. The battery presented a 2.8v charge on my DMM. I connected the watch & battery to a PC to charge and later to a charger. The battery voltage rose to 4.2v (expected and good). The battery also maintained 4.1v while driving a DC motor (from an old floppy drive).

    I anticipated the contact problem, but the fact that the battery charged through the watch suggested that a proper contact was made.

    I then connected an old phone charger (5.0v 600mA) to the watch directly using two small test clips. The watch powered ON with no problem, but the charger was actually supplying 5.5v and the watch was drawing 76mA max.

    Using the same test clip and wire arrangement, I applied the battery as the sole power source, but the watch would not turn ON.

    Until I read the above within this post (and many others on the Internet), I was seriously considering the idea that the watch needed a 5v battery, not a 3.7v battery.

    This idea appears to be wrong for these generic watches market-wide, but there may be a fault in this specific watch that demands a little more voltage to overcome some un-designed resistance within the watch.

    I don’t actually expect a solution because of my comment, here, but maybe others have a similar discovery that the folded paper trick was not enough.

    Good Luck.

  • Jay C

    I have a Bluetooth SmartWatch u8 brand new in box won’t charge or turn on. I watch the trouble shooting videos and read the blogs and then the stuff don’t work so I took the back off and come to find out the battery is so swollen it’s about ready to explode. The battery cannot be replaced since it is soldered in by the positive and negative wires if the battery was a snap in like others it could be easily replaced and wouldn’t be such a problem. Anyone that owns this watch please be careful and watch for any signs of swelling and do not try and charge the watch. Lithium ion batteries can heat up the Thousand degrees Fahrenheit and explode or catch fire I hate to see somebody stick a paperclip in there trying to follow video or reset it just to get it to turn on or worse be wearing it and they get hurt. I have seen nothing but complaints about this watch online. This seems to be a manufacturer issue or lack of concern of safety at their fault. They are based out of China and good luck trying to get a hold of them. This does not apply to everyone out there for all products but I just wanted to go ahead and let you know I don’t ever read this comment the please either be careful and mindful of your electronics and lithium ion batteries and buy from a reputable company. Just something cuz it’s cheap or better yet don’t invest in this product at all

  • Lee

    Tried your hacks for a DZ09, neither worked. The unit was working prior to shutting due low battery. Charged the unit. now it won’t power on. when I push the on button.

      • Eric B

        I have an ITouch air 2 SmartWatch that turned off suddenly and now won’t turn back on or even charge. I’ve checked the connections and they are touching appropriately. Have you heard anything about these watches having issues?