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I have this issue with my DZ09 that happens regularly where the display sometimes becomes unresponsive and it refuses to take touch input and I also get random button presses which is usually evident when I am on the dialer.  This usually also affects calls and can cause stuff such as random hangups and so on. If you are experiencing a similar situation with your DZ)9 then follow me as I show you how to do a Dz09 Unresponsive touch random button presses fix

DZ09 Unresponsive touch random button presses fix

Now this is how I was able to fix the issue each time this happens to my device.

Step 1

1.Make sure the display of the DZ09 is clean. If the display is sticky or dirty it can affect the touch pad.

2.So get a piece of cotton or Microfiber cloth and clean the display.

Step 2.

This usually deals with the issues right away.

1.Once you are having random button presses or frozen display go ahead and turn the Smartwatch off.

2.So long press the home button and then select yes to power off. Sometimes the display will not touch and you can’t power off so keep trying to press yes or cancel and try again until the phone powers off.

3.If it wont power off that way then remove the back and the battery to power off. After powering off this way though you will need to set the time and date again.

4.Power up the watch once more and the problem should be fixed. In my experience its a good idea to turn the DZ09 Smartwatch on and off at least once daily.

Video Demonstration:

Watch the video below and see how its done

Final thoughts

So that’s how to perform the DZ09 Unresponsive touch random button presses fix. If you are experiencing this problem or something similar please share your experience in the comments below. Also take the time to check out even more articles here on the website and share with friends too.



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One thought on “DZ09 Unresponsive touch random button presses fix

  • Aaron T Myers

    My smartphone dz09 as I turn on says please wait and then freezes on it won’t let me turn off or anything idk what’s wrong it’s brand new?