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Today’s article will focus on the Facebook approval code problem or the problem where you have requested too many codes. This happens to those users who for their improved security have activated two-factor authentication which sends a 6 digit code to your phone which must be put in on Facebook when you try to log in from a new device. But of course ironically in some cases the approval code does not arrive on your phone and after too many requests you are stuck with the problem.

The Problem

As described above you are not receiving the Facebook approval code which should be sent to your phone at the screen on Facebook that reads:

Facebook approval code problem

Two-Factor Authentication required

You’ve asked us to require a 6-digit code when anyone tries to access your account from a new device or browser.

Enter the 6-digit code from your code generator or third party app below.

You may be waiting for the code but it is never received which makes logging into your account impossible and you cannot continue.

Facebook approval code problem Fix

1.On the screen where you should enter the code look at the bottom left hand corner you should see: Need another way to authenticate? go ahead and click it.

2.On the next screen click other option and then choose submit a request to Facebook.

3.You should be on the :Login approvals code issues page next.Now choose the second of the two options that says: Take a photo of yourself holding a sign with a hand written code.

4.Now fill out the form and include your details such as Full Name, Mobile network provider and select the problem you are having from the drop down menu.

Record the code thats given on screen on a piece of blank paper and take a picture of yourself holding the picture. Now use the choose file button and upload the picture  and send.

5. In a day you should receive the code and be able to log back into your account as normal.

Final Thoughts

So thats it for how to fix Facebook approval code problem with two-factor authentication. Its a cool feature that’s can protect your account but at times when the code is not revived it can cause issues. Please take the time to leave a comment below and do share this article with as many friends as possible. We also have other articles you may want to view as well.

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13 thoughts on “Facebook approval code problem Fix

  • Linda

    facebook needs to get rid of all those codes to get access they send a code to your email address then they need you to input another code you gave them wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy back when like anyone can remember. Then a code is sent that you never received, come on this is sooo frustrating. your email address should work everytime you change a phone issues arise.

      • joshua

        Yeah I’ve done it three times in the last week and haven’t received any email or any word back from Tom or anyone working in the Facebook Team what do I do now facebook is important to me that’s how I keep in contact with all my family including my two daughters that are still way younger in the toddlers ages… Someone please Help :'(

  • Chrissy Woolsey

    Thanks for the instructions, I have done every one of these steps, and I still have not been able to log in. Facebook emailed me a 6 digit code, it will not work. I still need one sent to my cell phone . I have responded to their email as per their request, with no success, they still continue to email me a code.

    • Candis

      The 6-digit codes I continue to get emailed to me are to change my password over and over again, NOT to unlock my account and are NOT a Generator Code. I have written endless emails to several departments and have even sent a letter, to whom I don’t even know, and attempted the Regain Account Through a Friend route as well that was unsuccessful. I am now going to try to stay off Facebook and also going to try to stop sending emails as well for a bit so they don’t tell me I’m trying too much like they have some others. It’s hard when you are at risk of losing your account forever when you’ve had it for YEARS and have things on there that can’t be replaced, such as pictures of deceased family members and friends, memories with others of wonderful life moments, etc. To those saying “just let it go and create another account” well, I guess until it happens to you, you just don’t understand!!!! If anyone here finds a solution PLEASE share with the rest of us!!!

  • David Thomas Pike

    I have tried 20 times now. Changed passwords etc and keep getting a notice that “It looks like your using this feature in a way it wasn’t meant to be used. Please slow down or you could be blocked from using it” There is no “Need another way to authenticate?”option. Weird thing is I get a sms code for the initial login on my phone, but not the 2nd one! HELP ME!!!

  • Dennis

    I am not receiving my 6 digit code. I use Xfinity for my cell phone provider and it is not listed on the choices for provider. Xfinity uses Verizon network, will it work if I choose Verizon for my network?

  • Dennis

    My account was hacked and my primary information was changed by the hacker. I cannot change the primary email back to my email. It appears any attempt I make to make changes goes to the hacker and not me. Any thoughts?

    • deborah sandoz

      same thing here, hacker added there email, and i am assuming there phone number Facebook needs live customer support, not just automated

  • Esty

    Was anyone able to follow these instructions and succeed in unlocking their account? Is there anyone to talk to in Facebook? I wasn’t able to find any contact us email or support number and I am at a loss.