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Today we are going to be looking at the Best UPS for PS4 Pro.I recently bought a brand new PlayStation 4 Pro and while being new to the console Gaming I soon realized that when I would have sudden power cuts weather short or for a long time the PS4 Pro would shut down suddenly. As soon as I booted back up it would do a scan and check itself for damage. It would also warn that I should shut down properly before unplugging as it may cause damage.

I soon came to realize I would need a UPS or uninterrupted power supply so I could properly power down in case of a power cut so I would be unaffected should the power suddenly go away. I searched online but could barely find any solid guide on how to choose a UPS or what exactly would I need. So I created this guide to help others who need a UPS that’s compatible with the PS4 Pro as the last thing you need is for power outages to damage your very expensive console.

Why Get a UPS for the PS4 PRO?

If the electrical grid in your area is prone to frequent power outages for extended periods or sudden loss of electricity (brownout) that lasts only for a few seconds then you definitely need an Uninterrupted Power Supply unit. If your PS4 Pro keeps shutting down suddenly without powering down properly it can lead to loss of save files, corruption of your data and ultimately hardware damage. A UPS is relatively cheap in comparison to your expensive Gaming console and it worth the Investment.

Best UPS for PS4 Pro

What Version of the PlayStation Does this Guide apply to?

This guide applies to the PlayStation 4 Pro and was written with that device in mind seeing I own it. The recommendations will still apply to the older PS4,PS4 Slim and so on as those devices use less power in comparison.

Best UPS for PS4 Pro

The PlayStation 4 Pro uses approximately 70 to 310 Watts maximum. The power draw will depend on what the console is doing and whether or not its intensive such as playing a really demanding game versus browsing through the menus of the console. So according to my research and testing with the UPS I bought you will need a minimum of a 850VA or 450W UPS Battery Backup. This will in the case of a total power cut give you enough time to properly power down and in case of a few seconds power cut your console wont be affected at all by powering down if you did not have a UPS. See my recommendations below.

1.Entry Level Recommendation (Affordable):

I recommend APC Battery Backups or UPS as they are very reliable and will work 100% with your PS4 Pro as I have tested it personally. For an Entry level unit that I personally use on my device I use the APC BE850M2 UPS which is a 850VA or 450W UPS Battery Backup, you can purchase it below.

In my case We have short power cuts at random that don’t last long and that usually causes the PS4 to shutdown and the dreaded warning to appear on the screen during the power up check. I have the PS4 Pro and my Internet Modem plugged into the Battery Backup + Surge Protection side. In your case you may want to add your 4KTV or HDTV as well but do remember that probably draw an extra 100W give or take and reduce the time you have to save and power down in an outage.For sudden power cuts lasting a few seconds you should be good though.

You can also like I do only connect the PS4 Pro to the UPS and disable the rest features on the PS4 Pro and in case of a full power outage the PS4 will not shut off,although you will loose the monitor and you can manually shut down the PS4 Pro with the power button. The draw back is though you wont be able to save as you cant see but the console will shutdown properly. Only a suggestion though as connecting the TV especially if its small with the PS4 should be good.

2.Mid Tier Option

I recommenced the APC Back-UPS Pro 1000VA as the middle option that will work with the PS4 Pro as it has 1000VA or 600W which can support a PS4 Pro and a decent Size TV set which will give you enough time to save your Game and power down in a power outage with piece of mind.

3.Best Recommendation

So if you want the very best option so that in case of a Power outage you will be fully protected and you can connect your PS4 Pro and TV and save as well as shutdown properly in case of a power cut with lots of power to spear then you should get this UPS which is the APC Back-UPS Pro 1500VA UPS Battery Backup & Surge Protector model BR1500G. This will not disappoint as it has 1500VA or 865W which can comfortably support your Large TV and PS4 Pro and not cut it close like the Entry level affordable option above.

Video Demonstration:

Watch the Video below to see the UPS in action.

Please Note:

1.The battery backup is intended for you to save and power down so do not Game on it for long periods in a extended power cut as the battery will deplete in a few minutes due to the power draw of the TV and PS4 Pro.

2.Make sure the PS4 is plugged into the correct side of the UPS to have battery backup in case of a outage.

3. Be sure to charge the UPS for at least 24 hours when its new or has been completely depleted to have maximum backup in a outage.

4.Listen and watch out for the red LED and warning sounds which will indicate a outage.

Final Thoughts

In my opinion The Best UPS for PS4 Pro is the entry level unit as it affordable and gives the best of both worlds and with some tweaking it can be perfect. If you have the cash and have a killer setup I suggest you get the third option as in such a case you will need the extra power for a large high end TV that you most likely have with HDR and 4K. Please ask your questions below and do share this article as well as check out our other content here on the website.

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6 thoughts on “The Best UPS for PS4 Pro

  • victor hazbun

    Your blog is awesome!!! I just bough the “Ups Apc Interactiva Regulada Br1500g 1500 Va 865 Watts Usb”. It’s a bit expensive but I’m sure it’s worth.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Defiantly it should be more than enough power for your PS4 Pro. Mine has been working wonderfully no issues and best part we have had several power cuts since which could have caused massive damage to my device.

      • Thomas

        I have a PS4 pro , x box one s, Nintendo switch, Alienware mx17 and just about it all back to sega, I’m trying to narrow it down to witch ups would I need I live in Florida and power goes once a week for couple of hrs.. thanks

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      That’s OK for the PS4 Pro but its hard to tell as I don’t know the power draw of the TV set. Is it LCD,LED and so on. As a rough estimate if its a modern energy efficient TV it should work but do check the power draw of the TV.