YouTube No Activity to show Analytics Fix

So today I tried to load up YouTube Analytics and I saw the following error message: No Activity to show, now if my account was new I would know that it’s because YouTube has yet to aggregate all my data. But in this case I have had my account for years so you see the problem.Follow me as we go into this YouTube No Activity to show Analytics Fix

YouTube No Activity to show Analytics Fix

To fix this problem try all the following 9 (Method 3 is what worked for me).

1.Clear your browser cache. This can be found in Firefox under options, then Privacy and security and finally under Cookies and site data, simply clear data. For Chrome its under Settings, Advanced, privacy and security and finally look for Clear browsing data.

Do note that you will have to log back into all your accounts after doing this. You can also clear cookies of your browser with an app if you have any such app installed.

2.Use another browser and log into your YouTube account. Some times the issue can be with the browser itself that causing the problem.

3.This method is what worked for me, go ahead and go to creator studio in YouTube and switch your  account to YouTube studio Beta. The option should be in the left most panel.

4.Also try to Log out and then log back into your account. Sounds simple but it may work in some cases.

YouTube No Activity to show Analytics Fix

Video Tutorial

Watch the following video to see exactly how to deal with the issue.

If all Else Fails:Its YouTube’s Fault

Believe it or not it may be YouTube fault. This issue is happening right now in my case as they are migrating to a new YouTube studio which will happen fully by 2019 but to date its optional. You can imagine allot is happening in the background of YouTube thus the error. Why am I sure because the above tips should fix the error if it was on your side i.e. your computer was at fault.

YouTube No Activity to show Analytics Fix

I also expect this will happen in the future. The error might look different or change slightly in wording but the above should still apply. So if its YouTubes fault give them time to fix it or switch over now to YouTube Studio beta.

If you are New to YouTube!

As mentioned above if you are new to YouTube then this message is normal for you to see I suggest you wait 3 days or so until YouTube aggregate the data for your account seeing its new. YouTube data is delayed for Analytics for a day or longer so that’s why you may be seeing the message.

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