Slow Frame Rate or choppy Video Uploaded to Instagram issue 3

Today’s issue involves the Slow Frame Rate or choppy Video Uploaded to Instagram issue.

With this problem any video uploaded to Instagram result in the video playing choppily. The video will not play as a video should normally play and be very laggy.

The issue can happen in regular video posts or Instagram stories as well.So read on to see the solution.

How to Fix the problem:

Slow Frame Rate or choppy Video Uploaded to Instagram issue

1.Try uninstalling and then go ahead and reinstall Instagram.Make sure you are on the latest version of Instagram and try again.

2. Reset the phone phone setting back to their defaults and see if that helps.

3.Update your phone to the latest version of Android Available. This can fix allot of issues in various devices.

If you have a old phone that’s no longer getting official updates then go ahead and find a custom ROM and update your phone to the latest version of Android even if the latest version of Android was not released for it oficially.

4.Try doing a Backup and doing a total rest of your phone.

Other Troubleshooting Tips:

Transfer the video recorded by your phone to another device. Next try uploading the video on that device. Now see if the laggy or choppy video issue persists.

If the issue is the same on another device it means the problem is with your phone. If the video is working fine when uploading with another phone the problem may be with the software on your phone somehow messing with the video.

Using this information may help you in figuring out whats wrong.

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3 thoughts on “Slow Frame Rate or choppy Video Uploaded to Instagram issue

  • peschex0d

    Neither of suggested items helped me and shouldn’t help just because it’s only Android’s Instagram client bug. The application drops fps a half, so if you have a 60 fps video from phone’s camera, Instagram client will resample it to 30 fps then upload to the IG server.
    Since the Instagram does not support anything better than 30 fps, your stories made from a 60 fps videos will be fine (except for very low bitrate that causes compression atrefacts to appear).
    However if you have a 30 fps footage from your phone camera or want to upload some 30 fps files you found on the net, Instagram application will drop every other frame to make a 15 fps video from your 30 fps source. This is the actual problem and nobody (Google, Xiaomi, Facebook/Instagram) wants to fix that bug for years.

    • Izzy ing

      They messed up thing is that instagram story video plays super smooth on iPhones. While on my Pixel 4 XL its choppy and laggy, on my wife’s iphone 11 Pro it’s buttery smooth. This has been going on with android for years now. It’s just sad.

  • Mel

    I just got an Oppo Reno 6Z and same problem, I’m shocked as I was always an iPhone user. I saw a suggestion on another forum to use the Open Camera app and save videos as HEVC, it actually worked! When you open stories, the video will lag but once uploaded, recorded from this app it will be smooth. This is ridiculous!