Extremely Low Bluetooth Volume on Android Wireless headphones,Speakers or Earbuds Fix 8

So were you enjoying your Wireless Headphones and then after a while you don’t know what happened but you had Extremely Low Bluetooth Volume?

Don’t sweat it the same thing happened to me with my Wireless Headphones and my friend and his Apple AirPods, we both were using a Samsung Galaxy smartphone. So join me as I show you how to fix Extremely Low Bluetooth Volume on Android.

The Issue or Problem:

Any device connected for Audio by Bluetooth experiencing very low or extremely low volume levels. This is really bothersome as you will definitely notice the reduction in volume from what was normal before.

Even at max volume the Audio will be low and can really affect your listening experience.

Devices this Applies to:

This tutorial Applies to Android smartphones especially any of the Samsung Galaxy devices on the market including the Galaxy S8,S9,S10, Galaxy Note phones and so on.

Extremely Low Bluetooth Volume on Android

On the other hand it can affect volume playback on Wireless headphones,Speakers,Earbuds, Bluetooth Speakers and other such gadgets.

Video Tutorial:

Watch the video tutorial right now to see what to do or continue to read.

Hit play to see Video.

Very Low Bluetooth Volume on Android Fix

To fix the problem with the low volume over wireless headphones.

1.Connect your Wireless Bluetooth Headphones or Earbuds or other device. Also set some music to play so you can monitor for the change.

2.Now go to setting on Your Samsung Galaxy, then connections.

3.Click on the Bluetooth text and the option should already be on and you see all your connected Bluetooth devices.

4.Tap the three dots in the upper right and select Advanced.

5.Now turn the option for: Media Volume Sync to on. The volume in your headsets should now jump from low to normal or high as they originally were. That’s it for most users,the problem should be fixed.

Additional Tips:

In some cases you may after the above need to turn the volume all the way up on your device. Next turn your phone off and then on. Now go ahead and connect your Wireless headphones again to see if they are fixed.

Why did this Happen to me?

There are many ways this could happen. In the case of me and my Friend the issue seemed to arise when we enabled dual Audio. It seems that when Dual Audio is enabled for connecting two wireless Bluetooth devices it turns the media Volume Sync off which results in the issue as described here.

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8 thoughts on “Extremely Low Bluetooth Volume on Android Wireless headphones,Speakers or Earbuds Fix

  • Kris

    This article fixed everything for me. THANK YOU. I had enabled dual audio a bit ago, but had no idea it would make this change. I had to turn my volume up all the way and could still only barely hear through my bluetooth earbuds. Turning on media volume sync did the trick. Again, thank you! Bookmarking this site now.

  • Robin St.Andrews

    Hi there, I have a Galaxy Note 4 and received a pair of JVC xx earbuds as a gift. I followed the steps that you listed but step 4 didn’t work because my phone did not have an advanced option under the 3 dots in upper right – the options are visibility timeout; received files; rename device and help. I have restarted phone, uninstalled all bluetooth connected devices, reconnected buds and no luck. Would you have any other suggestions to fix low volume? Thank you 🙂

  • Dan Riley

    Thank you that did the trick my new ear buds volume is only controlled by the phone and I could barely hear them Thank you very much

  • TerryP

    I had this problem with my Kirkland Signature 8.0 hearing aids transmitting through their Smart Mic. My phone is a Moto, and I couldn’t find Connections in the settings, but I tried the tip, i.e., set volume to max, then shutdown and restart. That seems to have solved the problem. Thank you.

  • Rob

    I have a Samsung A52 5G phone (Android 12). Media Volume Sync isn’t listed as an option under the advanced settings..

    The options shown are:
    Sync with Samsung Cloud
    Music Share
    Ringtone Sync
    Bluetooth control history
    Block pairing requests
    Bluetooth scan history.

    The low volume when using my headset makes voice control almost unusable.

    Has Media Volume Sync been moved to another menu or has it been removed?