Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus Black Screen Fix

Today’s issue is no stranger to us here as it has happened with every Samsung galaxy all the way back to the early devices. So if you have not guessed we will be dealing with the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus Black Screen Fix.

Do note that these tips below should help you in fixing your device but note that it can happen on the first try or longer as every device is different.

The Issue:

As mentioned with this issue which affects the Galaxy S10,S10e,S10 Plus and S10 5G the display will remain black or blank on your device. you will hear messages coming in but the device will not wake when you tap the screen or press the physical keys.

The display will remain blank or black no matter what you do. So if this sound like you check out the potential solutions below.

Video demonstration:

Watch the following video demonstration to see how its done.

Click Play to see video

Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus Black Screen Fix

1.Go ahead and Hold down Power + Volume down and wait until the phones vibrates you can let go at the Samsung logo.

2.If that did not work then remove the SIM card and SD card if you have one installed.

Next be sure to plus the USB type C cable into your phone and plug the other end into your computer. Now try again to hold down Power + volume down until you see the Samsung Logo.

3.If the above fails then Hold down Power + Bixby Button + Volume down. Let go at the Samsung logo,You should see a screen with some options use volume up and down to navigate and power to select the reboot option. The phone should boot up.

4.If all else fail then hold down Bixby Key + Volume down and then Plug your USB type C cable in while having the USB end on your computer. If the display comes on simply use volume down to restart and the phone should start up.

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Before you leave I do hope this Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus Black Screen Fix tutorial was helpful. If it was please take the time to comment,share and do check out even more of our content here on the website.

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