Make the Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Sensor Faster and more accurate

So if you have not noticed the Galaxy S10 fingerprint scanner or Ultrasonic Fingerprint scanner is either considered by some as the best and fastest or the slowest and most inaccurate at times.

Well there is no way both views are correct but sadly the experience for the many users have not been equal. For example the Exynos International version has seen better performance for the Fingerprint scanner while the Snapdragon variant is less accurate out the box from release.

Follow me as I show you how to increase the accuracy regardless of you having the Galaxy S10,S10 Plus or S10 5G. This tutorial will Make the Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Sensor Faster and more accurate for any version of these devices.

Improve the Fingerprint Scanner:

Make the Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Sensor Faster

1.Samsung is always improving the Fingerprint scanner through updates and as of April 1 update the Scanner has improved by leaps and bounds.

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As of the Fingerprint Biometrics version (or higher) which you can check by going to Settings-Biometrics and secuirty-Biometrics preferences and looking at the bottom of the screen.

So be sure to always update the software on your phone you can do this manually Setting-software update and download and install while online to check for updates. Also be sure to Launch Galaxy Store and make sure you are signed in and go to setting three dots upper right,My Page and then updates to update the all apps if any is shown here.

Doing this will give you the latest stability updates which will make the scanner much faster.

2.Go to settings, Biometrics and security and then Fingerprints.You can then remove the Inaccurate Fingerprint scan.Go ahead and add a new Fingerprint scan. This time be sure to position your Finger while scanning it to the exact potion you would comfortably hold your hand while Unlocking it in most situations.

Do this also for your other hand. You can us the check added Fingerprint test within this menu to see how accurate your scans are. You can add multiple scan of one finger and use the test to see which one is more accurate and then delete the other duplicates that are not so accurate.

3.The most accurate state for the screen is without any Screen protector even the basic one that came with the phone,there is no need though as the scanner does work fine with it. But be careful as if you drop your phone without a adequate screen protector it can break. Also check out this better Fiberglass screen protector that works with the Galaxy S10.

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