Broken SIM Card tray never do this?

If you are like most users you place your SIM into your phone the first day and forget it. The problem occurs though when you try to remove it in some cases a year or two later.

More often than not the plastic tray will snap usually at one side. Now you might be thinking it should work still,why not put it back in.

DO NOT DO IT! The thing is that while this may work the chances are the next time you try to remove it the remaining SIM tray with memory card holder will break off inside the phone. This happened to me with my Galaxy S8.

What to Do?

Broken SIM Card tray
Broken SIM Card tray

Never place a partially or fully broken SIM tray into your phone. Trust me if it breaks simply purchase a new one they are very cheap.If the tray breaks off inside the phone it can damage the internals sometimes. Worst part the only way to remove the partial SIM is to pull the phone apart just to get it out.

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If you have a Dual SIM device do note the SIM tray is different from a single SIM phone. You can find ether in the link provided below and always make sure the tray is compatible with your phone.This solution applies to any phone that uses a SIM card such as a Samsung Galaxy phone such as the Galaxy S8,S10 and other branded devices.

Tricks that may Work:

If you can see the piece of the SIM tray that remains inside the SIM slot you can use some crazy or super glue on a sliver or cut strip of a material as a cut old credit card and glue it to it to get a grip and pull it out.

Its a bit tricky but it may be the only workaround from pulling the phone apart.

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