Fortnite Login Failed or Server Unable to Login After Update

This article will be looking at the issue with Fortnite where you are unable to login after updating. This has happened with the Mobile version of Fortnite as well as PC and it may happen to other platforms such as consoles as well.

What is the Cause of this Error?

This error is caused because the Fortnite servers are down and when this happens you are unable to access your account thus the Login failing as the servers are not available to verify your account to grant access.

Fortnite Login Failed
Login Error

Once the servers come back up again you will be able to log back in once more. So don’t panic there is nothing wrong with your Fortnite account and its perfectly safe.

What can you Do?

Well the truth is that if the servers are down as with this error most of the time especially if many others are having the issue then you will have to wait until the Authentication servers come back up.

So take a break for 30 minutes or so and check back. Servers for such a important game usually have very short downtime so its only a matter of time until it comes back up.

Additional things to Try:

While the servers may be down if you are convinced its something else you can always try the following in case you are sure the servers are up:

1.At the error screen hit the back arrow in the upper left and either renter your account information and try again or hit back twice and select your account type for Fortnite and login once more.

This may work as your stored information needed to be rentered before you can login because of the update.

2.Make sure your internet connection is to be blamed by switching to a new internet connection.

3.As a last resort if the issue is persisting for you and wont go away you can consider uninstalling the app and installing it once again and try to login.

You can also read this article here on Login Errors in Fortnite.

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