Clean Junk files Windows 10

This guide will show you how to remove or clean junk files from your Laptop easily. This is great as you can free up valuable space on your system.

Best of all the files that are deleted are things you would not normally have access to delete thus freeing up files and space you did not know about.

Also there is no need to download anything as everything is already built into Windows 10 waiting to be used.

What will you be doing?

You will be cleaning or freeing up junk files on your computer. This will make more space available, speed up your computer and make it way more responsive.

What to do?

Clean Junk files Windows 10

1.Go to search on the task bar.

2.Search for : Disk Cleanup

3.Select it and allow it to Analise your PC. Now you can select all the options or read what they do by clicking on any one.You can also select the ones you want by space that will be freed up.

4.Select OK and watch as your files are cleaned. The window will close when its all done.

That’s it you should have more free space and your device should be much more responsive overall.

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