How to Recover Deleted files from SD Card or other Storage media

My guide today will walk you through How to Recover Deleted files from SD Card or other Storage media.

So if you have a Flash drive, SD Card, Hard Drive, Laptop or PC with a important file or files deleted and they are gone. I will be showing you a free software you can use to recover said files.

Best part is that you can recover almost any file type such as Pictures, Documents, Music,Videos and much more.

Join me as I show you how on any Windows PC including Windows 10 and other older or newer operating systems.

Before we begin:

Bear in mind that once you find that a file has been deleted you should stop what you are doing. Do not deleted or add any new files to the Flash Drive, SD card or so on.

This is because any new files added will overwrite the deleted file and this will make recovery harder or next to impossible.

Also always recover to another drive other than the one you are recovering from.

Video Tutorial

This is my video guide that will show you the entire process step by step. Please comment in the video and remember to subscribe if you like the content of the video.

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How to recover Deleted Files?

1.Go ahead and download the following free software and install it.

2.After installing launch the Software and allow.

3.It best to use the Wizard to make things simple so hit next. Leave it on All files and hit next.

4.For File Location select In specific Locations and choose the drive letter of your: Flash Drive, SD card, Hard Drive and so on.

If your are scanning the computer you are on leave in on C drive or another relevant location.

5.On the next screen select Start and allow it to scan. You should see the results soon. Look at the files and and recover those you want or everything.

Select a storage location to store the recovered files (Make it another location that the recovery source). When finished files will be in the recovery location you selected. That is it.

I did not find the files I was looking for?

1.Repeat the steps above 1 to 5. When at the Screen where the software is ready to scan for files select Enable Deep Scan.

Note this will take time and can find more files to recover and is a more in depth scan. Save files as above and that’s it.

Please Note

The chances of your recovering files will depend on how long the file has been deleted. recently deleted files are easily recovered especially if you did not add any new files to the storage media they were deleted from.

Please let me know what you think of this guide below in the comments and please share this one.

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