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So if you have seen the latest trends with Laptops especially the thin and light Laptops from the Intel Evo platform is that they tend to have only one USB port and the remaining ports are usually USB-c ports.

This solution also works great if your Laptop one USB port is not working. This way you can adjust your Laptop and make a single USB port turn into several more with one simple device.

Video Tutorial:

Watch my video guide and tell me what you think below.

What to do if your Laptop has only One USB Port?

If your Laptop has only One USB port, especially if that port is not working then you need to get your hands on a USB-c Dongle as seen here.

Once you connect it to a free USB-C Port which your Laptop will need to have then you can turn that one port into several others. These dongles can also add additional ports as well such as HDMI, Card reader and there are several variations and brands to suit your needs.

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Was this solution Helpful? I find that many users may not realize that their Windows Laptop single USB port can be fixed with a dongle. This may be especially important if your one port does not work. If you have any questions or feedback please do so in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Laptop has Only One USB Port Solution

  • Bernadette George

    I like your tip… but I have a clarifying question. If I purchase the product you mentioned above, Will I be able to use it for multiple data drives on my computer (not just to power peripherals), thus turning a D drive into a D, E, F, etc?

    • Ricardo Post author

      Not Sure what you man, But you will be able to everything you would normally be able to with a Laptop with a Full set of USBs. As for drive letters such as a USB external drive letters will be assigned as normal. That is if your normal drivers are C,D it will continue E,F,G…