AACL Screen Protector S22 Ultra

With the Galaxy S22 Ultra being release everyone is in the field for a solid screen protector that can protect the very Expensive device that they have just bought. I personally think you are playing with fire if you don’t get a tempered Glass screen protector and a good case.

I bought for my device the AACL Screen Protector for the S22 Ultra. I later on noticed a mix of reviews which pored in after others started to review the Tempered Glass screen protector. This tend to happen with new release where the supply of options is limited and others have not gotten their hands on the units as well.

Do note this is my honest review after buying this screen protector with my own money. Also note that the reviews are a mix bag on Amazon with some saying its OK and others siting issues.

What you Get in the Package?

Inside the package you do get the following: Screen Protector,Microfiber cloth (Did not see one in the Package), Dust removal sticker,cleaning wipes -wet and dry, installation guide ,Install tool that makes install easy and squeegee tool.

Everything is well packaged and the hardened box protects the screen protector during transport. I have had screen protectors that break on arrival in the past because of soft boxes.

Video Unboxing and Review:

Check out my complete unboxing and review of this unit.

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What I love about it?

So I personally love the love the following features of the screen protector.

1.Its very clear and does not make the display look worse.

2.The install tool and guides makes things very easy. If you are patent and take your time you will be good.

3.Love the Install placement frame which makes placement align perfect with the front camera and edges if used correctly.

4.Case friendly and allows allowance for most cases as it did not conflict with my case which I have had issue in the past with some screen protectors.

What I hate about this?

Well here are the things I really dislike.

1.There is a black border at both ends which makes no sense as pointed out by a Amazon reviewer that slightly obstructs the lower and upper portions of the screen-just a small part of the edge. They should have made it transparent there.

2.The fingerprint scanner area shows up when the display is off and with white backgrounds. This is the general technology that’s used it seems and is common with these types of screen protectors though.


So guys based on what I have seen this is not a bad screen protector and has great potential. The creators did miss on some things and it has some flaws. As of now its not so bad that I have to change mine and I will see in the long term if anything comes up as issues of which I will place in this guide if there are any updates.

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