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If you are seeking a quick and easy solution to collecting your hard-earned cash online from freelance work, writing or simply completing gigs on Fiverr then you should definitely check out the Payoneer Debit MasterCard which is a great solution for those who may be working online internationally and wanting to conveniently collect their money and spend it without waiting months for a physical check to clear. Best of all if your online platform does not use Payoneer then you can always transfer to PayPal and then to Payoneer and complete the process by conveniently withdrawing your founds at a local ATM machine globally.

payoneer debit mastercard

In today’s article I would like to continue my detailed account of using the Payoneer Debit MasterCard at various locations and my experience with it so as to help others in conveniently using the MasterCard and avoid most of the common errors made by some that tend to use the card incorrectly and may decide to say that it does not work.

So far I am very Impressed with the Payoneer service which never fails to amaze, but it’s always good to understand there fee structure and how you are charged to better plan and curtail your spending habits. If you have not already got your card you can always try signing up here and receiving a $25 bonus when you use our link.


The Payoneer Point of Sale Experience

payoneer debit mastercard

Payoneer Debit MasterCard point of sale Experience

So as promised today’s update is on the ease of use or lack there of for using the card at point of sales to see how well it would work. So I went to a local Super market, Megamart to be exact and decided to do a little shopping using the card and to see how well it would work.

As a test I bought a simple clothing Iron that cost $19.59 US dollars , the conversions were done quite easily and the transaction went through without an itch.


Things to bear in Mind when using the Payoneer Card at Point of Sales


You should always keep the following in mind when using the Payonner Debit MasterCard at pint of sales:


1. While it’s a Debit card you should have the cashiers at any point of sale swipe the card as a Credit card in which case your pin will not be required.

2. Conversions will be done automatically to your local currency as your card is in US dollars.

3. You only need to use your pin and use the card as a Debit card when you are making cash withdrawals in US or your local currency.

4. Make sure that your standing balance can cover your purchase.

Also its very important to note that when I used my card at a point of Sale there was no charge other than the cost of the item, this can be great for those who need to do grocery shopping and are looking to reduce the over head cost and extra charges.

so what has your experience been with Payoneer? If you have any questions about the card or you just want to say hello please feel free to use the comments section below.


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