PC to TV Entertainment Setup

I current run my Gaming PC as part of a PC to TV setup which is a part of the houses entertainment system which is great as the entire household can enjoy Gaming, movies and everything they they like on our 47 inch LG TV set and this actually makes everything about the PC better and brings it to the forefront of the homes entertainment setup. The cool thing is if you are reading this you practically have everything you need around the house to do this already and all you will need is just a few small items and you can enjoy your PC games and more on a larger screen even while sitting on the couch as I do on a daily basis.

What you will Need for a PC to TV Setup

To have a PC to TV setup you will need all the following items:

1. A long HDMI cable.

2. A modern Graphics card which should be a part of your Computer.

3. A large Screen TV which you should have already around the house.

4. Reliable wireless keyboard and mouse.

Chances are the only thing that you don’t have here is the HDMI cable and the Wireless Keyboard and mouse set already around the house.

pc to tv

Advantages of a PC to TV Setup

The advantages include:
1. You can enjoy PC game titles on a large screen and from your couch.

2. Watch your Favorite TV series and movies by streaming them from your computer.

3. Get a faster and more convenient experience than using a Smart TV’s built-in features.

4. Get Smart TV like features on a nun smart TV.

5. Bring the power of the PC to the living Room.

6. Be productive from the couch doing everything that you would normally do at your desk.

Now I hope you have been sold on the idea of actually using a TV as a computer monitor which should be a no brainier considering the many benefits and I am sure I have only highlighted a few of them as there are plenty more.

How to use TV as computer monitor?

pc to tv

To use the TV as a computer monitor what you will need is to:

1. Look at your TV and your computers Graphics card and try to find a connection they have in common, in most cases this will be a HDMI connection.

2. Get a Long HDMI cable and run the cable between the PC and the TV set and make note of the HDMI port that you are using such as port 1,2 or so on.

3. Switch the TV to the port that you are using e.g. HDMI 1 port and from the PC on the desktop right click and go to personalization, Display and adjust resolution.

4. From here you should see two displays detected, now switch the display to the second Monitor which should be the TV set that will be detected and once the display switches confirm the change.

You should now be enjoying your desktop on a much larger screen of your TV set. You may need to adjust the colors a bit to compensate for the TV color scheme but you should be good to go. Now all you need is a great surround sound system and you are good to go.

Ohh and before I forget in case you are wondering what the Wireless Keyboard and mouse is for, it’s simply so that you can sit at a distance and control your computer while you are on the couch for example and this will complete your transformation of the PC into a living room accessory.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, I personally use a setup as this and I have never gone back since first trying it a few years ago as its awesome, everything looks better on a big screen TV trust me and that includes your PC. As always please take the time to leave a comment below or ask any question you would like about such a setup as I am open and willing to answer all questions.

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