Windows 10 DirectX Fix

If you recently upgraded to Windows 10 and Windows is giving you an error that Directx 10 is no longer present on your system then do not worry my friend we have a fix for that issue to get you back up and running once again especially if you are a Gamer and you need to have your Gaming PC performing as it should before you can even consider keeping windows 10 installed.

Why did the error occur?

Windows 10 comes with Directx 12 although there are no titles right now but games do still run on Direct10 which is compatible with Windows 10, so all you have to do is install the Directx runtime and install all the updates old and new and fix the issue for Apps and Games to run as they should.

How to fix it quickly?

Windows 10 DirectX Fix

To fix the issue simply go to this link and download the Directx end-user runtime Web installer. After download run the installer and accept the terms and it will install and fix any programs or Games that needs this feature and that will not run otherwise,see there you go that was not hard was it.

Extra Tip

You may want to go to your Video Card or Graphics card manufacturer if you are a Gamer and update to the latest version of your graphics driver that windows 10 compatible manually for the best experience with games.

AMD Drivers update

NVIDIA Drivers update

That’s it friends, a very annoying issue that most users will encounter fixed. Do go ahead and leave a comment below or consider subscribing to this website for useful tips and more on a regular basis.

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