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If you use your Android phone allot you may run into the issue of the phone overheating and as a result the phone will operate quite sluggish and you may experience excessive battery drain which will degrade the overall performance of even a phone that was very fast at first. In such situations you may think that its hopeless in stopping such situations from occurring but its a quite common problem and can be fixed in a few steps.

So learn from now on to deal with your phone when it starts to heat up a little too much in hand, so you can cool it down once and for all.

What causes Phone Overheating?

A overheating phone is usually caused by Apps that run by the processor constantly, as more calculations are run the phone CPU heats up more and produces greater heat. This can be compounded by unnecessary apps always running in the background, excessive game play on your phone especially of graphically intensive games and power-hungry apps. You may also get a similar effect from poorly coded apps that hang and crash regularly.

Fixing the issue in my experience involves closing these power-hungry and intensive apps and the phone cools down or pacing myself when using demanding games.

Phone Overheating

How to fix your Phone Overheating?

You will need to do the following to stop android overheating :

1. Uninstall unnecessary apps that you do not need or don’t use, you know the ones that are a permanent fixture on your phone for no reason.

2. Also close background apps in task manager.

3. Clear your RAM.

4. Get rid of poorly written and outdated apps that crash constantly and do not operate like they should or update them if they have updates.

5. Clear browser cache.

6. Reboot or restart your phone, sound simple but restarting your phone does wonders especially if its been on for months without rebooting.

You can download the following App here that will do most of the above for you and cool down your phone automatically.

More advanced Fixes for Overheating Android Phone

If the above fails then you have a more complicated issue and I suggest that you try the following:

1.Place your phone in recovery mode and do not Wipe data/Factory reset the phone instead clear Cache when you get into the mode, see how to get into the mode here. Also the button combination might be different depending on your phone.

2. If you know your way around phones you can clean your phone of dust by opening and cleaning the internals or easier for the average user you can clean out ports such as charge ports, blocked grilled areas, headphone jack ports and so on. Compressed air will go a long way towards getting these openings cleaned as well.

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4 thoughts on “Phone Overheating Fix

  • meggeler

    Very good. I have intuitively done most of them. But I also reboot to safe mode and then after a reboot to normal after a day or so, everything seems to work normally for awhile. The boot to safe is just to assure me it’s not the phone. Standard Nexus 6.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Thanks for adding to the article Meggeler the tip is really appreciated. I have seen things get so hot in a few occasions where I had to pull the battery on devices then go about killing what was causing the issue.

  • osama gohar

    Ricardo, there are many apps on Google play store which can be used to prevent phone over heating.You should mention one or two of them.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Good suggestion, I did include the Suggestion of clean master as it has a cooling feature. There is also Cooler master-phone cooler that’s also great but cleaner master has the added features of being able to clean your phone.