How to check if your Note 7 has a Faulty battery that’s prone to exploding?

For today i have a very interesting article where I show you how to check if your Note 7 has a Faulty battery that’s prone to exploding. So if you have not heard there is a mass recall of the first units that were sold of the Note 7 by Samsung due to a faulty battery,you can read more about that here.  So if you already have a Note 7 or you want to check if your current Note 7 is one of the faulty one or how to identify the new models without the battery fault you have found the correct article to do so.


If discover you have faulty device don’t keep the unit because it seems OK, the last thing you want is a fire that could destroy your property or other valuables and cost you way more than the inconvenience of returning the defective phone. So with that being said if you find that your phone is faulty do return it Asap my friend and be safe.

Before You return any device?

The process on returning units you have already bought can be confusing as stores and some carriers may not even know how to handle the situation fully. But for sure you are going to want to make sure you keep the old box and everything that came with your Note 7 for the return. That includes documentation and the phone which should be intact.

If you Must use your device!

I do stress that you return the phone but if you must use the device for some reason:

1. Charge the phone with the Wireless charger. Users have found that the witless charger heats up the battery less. Also don’t leave your phone unattended while charging.

2. Don’t charge your battery above 60%. It seems Samsung will be releasing a update for those suborn users who don’t want to return their phones so it wont charge above 60% as a safety mechanism to prevent further fires. Statistics have show as well that a lot of users are still using their Note 7 despite the recall. Also Airlines have banned the Note 7 as it poses a fire hazard.

How to check if your Note 7 has a Faulty battery that’s prone to exploding?


1. First look at the Note 7 box and on the lower front side just beneath the front logo on top you should see a blue sticker in the upper right corner that has a black dot and a S. The S indicates that the device is safe and does not contain a faulty battery.

Now don’t worry if you don’t have the box to look for the sticker then try option 2 below.

check if your Note 7 has a Faulty battery

2. In your phone go to the dial pad and type:*#06#  to get your IMEI number. Now go to this database that identifies phones with the faulty battery or the new safe battery based on your phones IMEI. The website can be found here and all you have to do is input your IMEI number and get the result easy.

Final Thoughts

I do hope the above methods were helpful in helping you to identify if your Galaxy Note 7 is a defective one if you could not tell. Also do share this article with a friend or two and also share your comments below it would be great ro have your input my friend.

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