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These new Laptops and gadgets keep rolling in for review and that’s the way I like it. Today I will be reviewing this Dell Inspiron 15 3552 which is a 15.6 inch laptop. Priced under $300 its a capable and budget oriented laptop that gets the job done for users who are looking for the perfect balance of price and affordability. Don’t get me wrong this laptop is no slouch but I could hardly complain with the performance I got.

Loving the Lightweight design

The design of this laptop is meant to be easy to carry around. You get that feeling the minute you take it up in your hand. I do remember lifting my fair share of heavy laptops and they are no joke. This makes things way easier on the hands. The surface of the Laptop is nice although a bit of a fingerprint magnet for sweaty hands.The surface is textured with a matrix like pattern that helps out with grip. There is no glossy surface except on the DVD drive.The keyboard is great and designed so the keys are set in place so no more keys popping out and getting lost to the point where you need new ones.

Dell Inspiron 15 3552

The battery is removable but sadly that’s all that’s removable easily. The other stuff is buried deep within the Laptop which makes this a bit of a hassle if you need to upgrade something like memory or change a damaged component.

What you get?

As mentioned you do get a DVD drive which I like, 3 X USB ports including Headphone jack, memory card reader, HDMI. Web Cam,microphone. The touch pad and the mouse buttons comes together seamlessly on the front of the laptop. Not my favorite design choice but it works.

Inside the Laptop is a dual core processor running @1.6 Ghz which is not super fast but it gets the job done. You get 4 Gigs of RAM and Windows 10 is installed out the box. The included Hard drive is a nice 500 GB hard drive for plenty of storage.

What do I think of this Laptop?

In terms of performance this Laptop is far from being very fast. But does this mean you should not buy it? definitely not. The price alone makes it too good to just look over. You will get your moneys worth. I find that this type of Laptop is more suited for being a work horse kind of computer that kids can do research on, take to school or college. It’s also great for movies , music and basic tasks. So if you want a Laptop that does all the above and do so well then by all means get this Laptop.I also recommend to remove the bloatware to see the true capability of the Laptop.Also do remember to do these key things when you get a new laptop.

Reasons to buy the Dell Inspiron 15 3552:

  1. Comes with Build in DVD player.
  2. Great price.
  3. Large display.
  4. Lightweight

I do hope you enjoyed this short review of the Dell Inspiron 15 3552. It’s a very cool laptop that I would definitely get for myself its a great value. Please share your thoughts below and don’t hesitate to share this Laptop with a friend or two.

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