X-Dragon Solar Charger Review

X-Dragon Solar Charger for Laptops, Smartphones and more

Today’s review will be of the X-Dragon Solar Charger. Thank the X-Dragon team for sending this one in for review. Its really refreshing to see innovative new Gadgets that outside the realm of what we are accustomed to in gadgets. The X-Dragon Solar Charger tick all the right boxes and is one of the most […]

HP 14 CK0018la Disassembly

HP 14 CK0018la Disassembly

This will be a guide on How to do a HP 14 CK0018la Disassembly. In other words I will be showing you how to open up your HP 14 Laptop. You may do this in cases you want to change the Hard drive, RAM, Battery, Keyboard or any other part. This guide also includes a […]