HP Laptop Fan Replacement Tutorial

In this guide Guys I will be showing you how to replace the Fan on Your HP Laptop. For this guide I will be using the HP TPN-C126 Laptop. This should also apply to other HP Laptops and brands of Laptops as well.

Replacing a defective Fan in a Laptop can be a great way to extend the life of the Laptop so you can get more useful time from it easily.

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When to Change Your Laptop Fan?

These are the main times you will want to change out your Laptop Fan to a new one.

1.Your Laptop is giving a Fan warning on Boot of a failing Fan.

2.Your Fan is producing or making weird grinding noises or noises in general.

3.Your Laptop is shutting down unexpectedly and at random.

How to Find a New Fan for Replacement:

To find a new fan you need to take one from a old device or buy a new one online.

To find the new Fan you will have to search by device model or remove the current fan and match the part number online.

Verify that the Fan you are purchasing match the one that’s taken out from the laptop before buying. Brands often use specific Fan for their devices so a Acer Fan will not work in a HP Laptop. Even among the same brand Laptops there can be differences so try to find a exact match.

Its smart to take pictures and of the Fan in your device and look at the connector, screw placement holes, size and design from the online listing.

Video Guide:

This is my video tutorial and guide that will walk you through all you need to know on replacing your HP or other device fan.

Click Play

How to Change your Laptop Fan?

1.You will need to open up your Laptop and remove the back cover. You can see my full HP Laptop disassembly guide for how to do that.

2.Remove the two screws holding the Fan in Place.

3.Detach the cable or head that’s plugged into the Laptop motherboard.

4.Install the new Laptop Fan that matches the one being replaced.

5.Connect the new fan, screw it in, close up the laptop and test. Its also a good Idea if there is excess dust to clean the vents and Internals of dust before closing up the Laptop.

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Please share my guide and HP Laptop Fan Replacement Tutorial and comment below with any question. I also have other guides so see those as well.

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