Laptop Display Ghosting or Burn in Fix

I recently saw a Laptop that had a Ghosting or Burn in problem. The display would retain the image of what was previously on screen long after it was minimized or closed out.

It can be really unsettling to see such images imprinted faintly on the display. My guide will show you what you can do to fix this problem in my guide on Laptop Display Ghosting or Burn in Fix.

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Why is this happening to my Laptop?

In most cases Burn in on a Laptop display or Ghosting is caused when a user has a static image on screen for a prolonged period of time.

For most users this is not a issue as they have dynamic images that change all the time. But for those that do Music allot and have for example a mostly static dashboard on screen for hours at a time burn in is possible.

This problem can also happen to other people that use their Laptop for work but musicians are a prime example I have seen.For the most part its the same image on screen and it does not change much and this can lead to the problem.

Laptop Display Ghosting or Burn in Fix

Work Around:

If you have a TV or extra monitor connect your Laptop to the monitor and it should display your Laptop fully without problem.

In this case the problem is with your Laptop display and thus the issue did not appear on the new monitor. This gives you a working workaround and you can continue using your Laptop until its fixed.

How to Fix Laptop Screen Ghosting or Burn in Problem?

1.Go ahead and update your Laptop drivers or simply reinstall them in some cases this can fix the problem or cause it to stop. Be aware if this works the issue may return later on and become worse and this method may stop working.

2.If the issue cant be fixed with a software or driver update then the issue is definitely hardware related and you will need to replace your Laptop display.

The new display replacement will fix the issue and your Laptop will be good as new.

How to Prevent Ghosting and Burn in on Future Displays?

In the future if you have static images on screen allot in cases you produce music and any other major software that remains unchanged and is on the display all the time do this.

Go ahead in these cases and get a secondary monitor and use that for periods when you use your main production software. Also be sure to regularly refresh the screen with a dynamic pictures and videos which is how normal monitors are meant to be used.

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