iPhone 6s Shuts Off Randomly problem and solution

Today’s issue involves the iPhone 6s and a random shut down issue. The issue involves the battery in some devices. Apple is aware of the issue and has acknowledged the problem which they are calling:iPhone 6s Unexpected Shutdown Issue. This is great for you if you are having an issue with your device as it most likely will mean that you can get the problem fixed by Apple free of charge just about anywhere globally.

Before you proceed:

Before you do anything with your device its recommended that you backup your phones data to iTunes or iColoud as recommended by Apple.

How can I go about Fixing the Issue?

iPhone 6s Shuts Off Randomly problem

Well in this case in order to fix the issue you will need to change the faulty battery to a new working battery. This will also involve you disassembling the phone and changing the existing battery.

Lucky for you though Apple is offering to replace your battery in your device for free if you qualify. This is a worldwide offer and is not limited to the United States or United Kingdom but anyone globally. But even with that being said you still have two options when proceeding in fixing this problem:

1.The Apple Solution

If you wish to use the Apple solution you can go ahead to the information page to learn more about the problem here. To check if you qualify you can call your local Apple store and let them manually check your device based on its IMEI number and they should confirm weather or not your device is part of the ones being affected by this flaw. The link above too can be used for checking your device based on its serial number if you don’t want to call the Apple store.

2.Second Solution

Another solution would be replace the battery yourself. Note you would be taking responsibility for your phone but in cases where returning it to Apple will not work or you can’t wait the long wait times this may be the only feasible solution for you to pursue. You will need a new iPhone 6s batteryand a learn how to disassemble and put the phone back together again.Once you change the battery your device should work as normal.

Final Thoughts

I know I did not show you guys how to go about replacing the iPhone 6s battery in this article guys but seeing Apple is offering to replace the battery for you free of charge I think its smarter to use that option. The second option of replacing the battery yourself should only be used in situations where you cant send your phone back to Apple. Please share this article and so leave a comment below it would be greatly appreciated.

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