Turn on iPhone 5 that has a Broken Power Button

Believe it or not but if you have a iPhone 5 that has a broken Power button especially after being used so often which is common I will be showing you how to power on your phone without the use of the power button.

Yes you heard right with today’s tutorial you will be able to turn on your iPhone 5 without using the power button. 

This can also be a great way to save on the repair costs to have the power button replaced.

How is this useful?

This is great for cases where your power button is broken, as you may know a dead or broken power button can make or break most phones as its the primary way of turning your phone on.

This workaround for the iPhone 5 is perfect as you don’t need to replace the power button. You will have a easy way now to power on the phone. 

You can also keep using your iPhone 5 for longer. Why replace a reliable phone when the current one works just fine? well now you don’t have to.

What you Will Need:

Turn on iPhone 5 that has a Broken Power Button

1.A iPhone 5.

2.Your Phone Charger.

3.This tutorial and a little time.

How to Turn on iPhone 5 that has a Broken Power Button?

The process is as follows:

1.Plug your charger in the wall.

2.Connect your charger to your phone.

3.Your phone will startup and as if you pressed the power button once it detects its attached to a power source.

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