Four (4) Easy methods of Wiping Cache on Any Android or Samsung Device

So have you ever wondered how to wipe cache on any android device? Such as to free up space, fix problems with crashing Apps or other issues with your device. Well you have come to the right place as today I will be outlining four (4) easy methods you can use to wipe the cache of your device starting from the very easy to the more complex methods available to all Android users including those that own a Samsung Galaxy.

Why Wipe the Cache of your Android device?

Well as was hinted to above wiping cache can be one of the easiest ways to free up space on your phone without deleting anything that’s visible or useful. Once you wipe cache for the most part you should not missing anything from your device.

Next you will realize that after using Android for some time Apps will begin to crash or stop unexpectedly and wiping the cache of your device is the only method sometimes that can get your device back to working condition without resetting the device totally.

Methods of Wiping Cache on any Android

Wiping Cache on Any Android

1.Wiping Cache without Installing an App

This method is very easy and you will not need to install any third-party Apps on Android to do this:First go to settings, next look for storage and then look for: Cached data. Click on the option and choose delete to wipe or clear cache.

Effect: This method is built into Android and simply clears the cache of the device thus freeing up space.

2. Wiping Cache with an App.

For this method all you need is an internet connection and go to the Play Store and download or search for  a Cache cleaner or cleaning app. You should see several recommendations from which you can install and run to clean your device cache.

I tend to use Clean Master. Once installed I launch the App and choose the option: Junk Files to clean cache and other junk on my phone to free up space.

Effect: Clear the cache of your device to free up space, may also clean other junk files as well depending on the App to maximize free space created.

3.Clear Cache of Individual/Specific Apps

This method is great if you have one specific pesky app that’s crashing like crazy. Simply go to settings, Apps or Applications, Application Manger, go over to All then look for the App you want. When you found it click it. Next scroll down and choose the option to : Clear Cache.

Effect: Clear the cache related to a particular App and that App only.

4. Clear Cache Partition from Recovery Mode

To do this power down the phone and to boot into recovery mode simply : Hold down Power+ Volume up and Home button. Let go after you see the recovery screen. From here use volume up and down to move and select the option for : Wipe cache Partition and use power to select that option. Wait and allow the cache to be cleared and that’s it from here reboot and you are finished.

Effect: Clears the entire Cache of your device and tends to be the most effective method of clearing Cache on Android.

Final thoughts

So these are all the four methods that I know that can be used to clear the Cache of any Android device or Samsung Galaxy. If you are having any of the issues or more that I mentioned above you can use one of the methods above 1-4 depending on your situation to clear the cache of your device and hopefully fix it.

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