Samsung Galaxy S8 Hidden Features

Do you think you know everything about the Galaxy S8? well there are actually some hidden gems that were not overly publicized during the official ravel among the specifications. There features while they are really cool you might have missed them seeing Samsung did not highlight them. So below we have listed the  Samsung Galaxy S8 Hidden Features that are not being highlighted much.

Galaxy S8 Hidden Features

While the display is the star of the show among with the other main features. The main features which are an industry first for most part are:

Samsung Galaxy S8 Hidden Features

1.Gbps LTE: The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ will have 4G LTE which supports up to 1 Gbps or 1 Gigabite per second which is a first on the market. This will also be network specific and as things go this makes the S8 very future proof.

2. Bluetooth 5.0: This version of Bluetooth is very power efficient and has 4x the range of the older standard Bluetooth 4.0. You will also be able to connect to two Bluetooth devices at once. That would mean you and a friend could pair a Bluetooth device to the same phone and listen to music from the one device.

Other Cool Features

3. Bixby can be used to auto adjust your pictures that you have taken or even brighten or darken pictures. This is great and can save time editing your pictures to look just right.

4. Customize the New Navigation Bar: To adjust the Navigation bar go to settings, Display, Navigation Bar.From here you can adjust the color, adjust layout, behavior and sensitivity.

5. Hide Apps: You can once more hide apps. Pinch inwards on the Home screen, Home screen settings and select hide Apps. You can then choose the App to hide.

6. Selective Focus on the Front Camera: You may already know that the front camera has been upgraded but as an extra feature selective focus which was only on the back camera is now on the front camera as well. This will blur the background of pictures and focus on the subject of the picture.

Where to Buy the Galaxy S8?

You can check out or purchase the Galaxy S8 below. Also note this years model is a bit pricier than the starting price of the last years device as the base model of the Galaxy S8 begins with 64 GB of storage.

That’s about it some of the new hidden gems of the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus please share your thoughts and this article below as I would love to hear what you think guys.Did you discover any new features or found out anything new about the Samsung Galaxy S8?


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