How to spot a fake Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+? 19

Believe it or not but even before the Galaxy S8 and S8+ were released there were fakes already in the wild. This goes to show that copycat or clones of the original devices are becoming more popular and you should always be aware of potential fakes and how to spot them.In today’s article we will be looking at How to spot a fake Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+?

How to spot a fake Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+?

So in order to spot a Galaxy S8 or S8+ clone you will need to pay attention to the following so you don’t get scammed into buying a fake device as many have been in the past.

How to spot a fake Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+

1.The new Galaxy S8 box is all black and should only say: S8 on the front of the box and nothing else.The accessories in the box should include a: 2x OTG Connectors, New ear buds, USB C cable, SIM tool, Documentation.

2. Most Fakes have a Micro USB charge port unlike the real deal with a USB Type C connector which is a new port on these devices.The Wireless charging also does not work at all and is a dead giveaway.You can also watch the video below by clicking play and see in detail everything that’s written here:

3. The Galaxy S8 Boots up quite fast while the Fakes take a lot longer.

4. Look at the placement of the Camera, Flash and Fingerprint sensors. If they are not placed in the correct position as those shown in the advertisements and pictures officially from Samsung then that’s a clear sign this is a fake.Watch out for weird stickers and Logos on your device out the box as Fakes tend to have these. The look and quality of the Camera is also lacking compared to the high quality of the original.

5.There should be a new button on the left side of the phone beneath the volume buttons called the Bixby button that activates the new assistant. If this button is missing or does not work accordingly its a Fake.

6. The Fingerprint sensor is still a fake and does not actually work, it only mimics a fingerprint sensor and any finger can unlock the device seeing it does not work.The Iris sensor for unlocking is also fake and only imitates the real deal.

7.The display is not of a high quality as the real deal and you will notice a black border at the top and bottom of the screen unlike Samsung Infinity display with more screen real estate. The Display is also a LCD and not a high Quality OLED.

8.The Fakes are also very heavy and weigh as much as two times the normal weight in most cases as the actual Galaxy S8.

9.Out the box the S8 is running Android 7.0 or higher and not some version of Android 6.0.

10. Download AnTuTu Benchmark and use the info Tab to look at the detailed hardware info of your device such as: CPU,RAM,Display and more. You can then compare this to the official specification of the Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ that Samsung has on their website for your model.

Where to Buy the Real Deal?

You can purchase a 100% genuine device below and don’t worry you are guaranteed an authentic device.Also always buy from a trusted source or seller.

Final Thoughts

Guys do remember there are many fakes out and new ones are being made everyday that look more convincing. These are all but general guidelines to spot a fake and you will need to use your common sense along with the tips above in order to actually separate a fake from the real deal.

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19 thoughts on “How to spot a fake Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+?

  • Mohammed zirhan

    I buy Samsung galaxy s8plus from Qatar duty free but I still confusion in the back of the mobile name d as Samsung and dous named
    It’s oringanl or not

  • Billy

    Thanks for the time you gave and its usefull info, I am abroad and am interested in buying this phone cheaper…….but will still be a bit confused as to whether I am buying the real deal, for as you said , new fakes are on the way……Surley the fakers can fake a black box, and leave any stickers off the phone. Will I be able to boot up my Galaxy in the shop ?… Will I be able to set up my finger print in the shop ? Will I be able to compare the weight with an original in the shop?…..Fakers please put a Bixby button on !

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      You are correct I was mainly thinking of users that have the phone in hand and want to know if its a fake. In stores some times they have the phones on display already out the box and you can inspect them. I usually ask if I can handle the phone, explain that I don’t want to buy a fake then test it on the spot.That’s more than a reasonable request. The box is easy to fake too and who knows what some shady sellers will do to pass one off as legit. Its impossible to know if its a fake unless you can handle the phone directly.

  • Lipe

    i think i bought a fake S8 didnt know until i went to buy a phone case for it and it didnt fit in to a S8 or S8+ case, its bigger than an S8 case butjust slightly shorter than a S8+. i just tested the things you said but it all seem to work fine except the charger, mine is white . i think im needing more help to just be 100% sure that it is indeed a FAKE

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Does it connect to Smart Switch and identify as a Samsung Phone? They use many tricks to try to allow these devices to pass for the real thing. If you could also get another Galaxy S8 to look at even in a legitimate store the diffrence would become apparent. Such as the quality of the display is the best thing as of current phones you will ever see. Its super sharp and pictures are very high quality and that includes video.
      Also as I said friend a dead giveaway is the sensors. Try to fake out the fingerprint sensor. Register a finger and then try the wrong finger if it opens-its a fake. Also try the Iris scanner and after registering if any ones eyes open it or it simply opens as its mimicking a iris scanner dead give away.

  • Isaya

    I also saw fake galaxy s8, I tested camera as is the only thing that matters most, it was very bad I go to settings it shows 9mega pixels, I end up comparing
    With my mi note 4 nothing can go closer. And it is very heavy

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Some of the fakes are really weighty. The thing is though once you have seen the real thing its easy to spot the fake as fakes cant even hold a candle to the quality of the display and pictures the S8 produces.

  • cloud

    Hi, kindly connect a fake s8 or s8+ to smart switch to see if it identifies it. I used “droid info” on a fake s8 and it said manufacturer was smart switch is the last resort. Please connect the fake to smart switch and see cos i wanna be sure it identifies only authentic samsung devices. Kindly let me know quickly, thanks