How to use Instagram Rewind and Boomerang?

If you have been using Instagram for any amount of time you might have come across Instagram stories. Along with these cool features in the camera app you will also notice Instagram rewind and Instagram Boomerang which are two new exciting features that can be easily overlooked. These two features are really cool and today I will be showing you how to use both. They can be used to enhance your captured video making them more exciting and captivating to your audience.

How to Find these new features?

Once your Instagram is updated to the latest version go ahead and launch the Camera from within Instagram. Look beneath the shutter button you will notice Normal and some other options to the right and left, simply slide your finger from the right to the left and see the other options such as rewind come into focus and become selected. You only need press the changed symbol on the shutter button to capture a video. Some thought is required though to make some memorable shots or videos.

How to use Instagram Rewind and Boomerang

Video Demonstration:

You can watch the video below or read the article to learn how to use Instagram Rewind and Boomerang.

Instagram Rewind and Boomerang

Instagram Rewind: This allows you capture a video or action shot, after its captured in rewind mode the video will play in reverse. This is one of my favorite new features of Instagram because it can be used to create some amassing shots that can look unreal. For example if you drop a pen from your hand to the ground in reverse it looks like you have super powers as it moves from the ground to your hand.The possibilities are endless as you could also jump from the banks of a river into the water and seem as if you sprang from the water back on shore and so on.

Instagram Boomerang: Boomerang creates a few seconds video that’s in an endless loop for example if you pluck the petal of a rose it will play in a loop in which it seems as if the petal is being plucked and put back in place magically.

Instagram Stories and Stickers.

Normal Instagram stories has some cool features too that you should definitely check out. For example when in normal mode you can press the shutter button to snap a single picture and add text or draw on the image. The same can also be done for video which is captured by long pressing the shutter button. You can also add stickers to videos and Images, new stickers are being added all the while and include themed ones such as summer, Holiday and other events. The Face filters feature is also something that you should also give a try.

Final Thoughts

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