Fix Instagram Shadowban

So you finally did it you have come to the realization that you have been Shadowbanned by Instagram. This is really bad as it means you will be unable to grow your Instagram account the way you want if no one sees your posts. So in this article we will be looking at how to Fix Instagram Shadowban.

What is a Instagram Shadowban?

A Instagram Shadowban or a general Shadowban which is sometimes referred to as stealth banning is a ban in which the user does not realize that he or she has been banned or blocked on a network or service.

So basically no one will see your posts which means it will gain any traction so that it can gain likes,comments and potential followers. The thinking of companies that do this is that to protect their community they will shadowban spam users so they will be placed in a bubble where there actions will be rendered harmless to the community. This defeats their purpose and protects the community. This is all good and well except there are cases where normal users that have done nothing are blocked by simple mistakes they are not aware of.

Fix Instagram Shadowban

What happens when I am Shadow Banned on Instagram?

When you are Shadow banned on Instagram your Posts and video will not appear under the Hash Tag you tagged them with or they will disappear from the various feeds and hash Tags and not be seen by new users so your following and interaction can grow. Only people  that will see your posts is your current followers and Your account.

For your Information

Please note that the Shadowban system and all other systems like it is controlled by an algorithm that’s constantly being tweaked. The rules regarding how it works is not always straightforward and Instagram wants to keep it that way for the most part. The purpose of the system is to track down and stop spamy activity on the network so that it can be fair for everyone. At times it may innocently flag you as a spammer or shadowban your account or more specifically flag your individual posts as each may be accessed on its own merits as with Instagram.

How to Fix Instagram Shadowban?

1.Hash Tags: Do not use the same Hash Tags over and over again in each post, try to vary the amount and variety. If you keep using the same ones over and over it can be marked as spam activity and may be why you are shadowbaned in the first place.

If you got a whole bunch from some article you should be careful as those Hash Tags may be banned or Flagged and by using them on your articles may cause your post not to be seen by anyone. You can search for a Hash Tag and see if within the Tag it’s banned or not, there should be a note or something within the tag at the base. So use # plus the keyword in search and then scroll through the tag to see if its banned or it will say its hidden.

2.Give your Account a break: Let your account sit for 2 week or a month and don’t post or do anything and let the algorithm cool off a bit. Which in most cases should give you a fresh start if you avoid your previous mistakes then you should be good.

3.Mix things up: Never get into a robotic mode such as using 25 Hash tags on one post each time, vary them across each post in terms of the amount and type. Don’t cut and paste the same comment well as this can be seen as spamy.Be as engaging as a normal human would with unique and well thought out comments and pace your actions.

4.Clean up your account: Go ahead and clean up your account especially before giving your account a break. Unfollow any account you massed followed but do so at a decent pace. Do the same for liked and commented posts. If you were copying and pasting that goes extra for you. Stop using third party apps that connect to your account to allow you special features such as growing a following.

5.Report the Issue: As said you may have been identified in error and if so you will need to contact Instagram as shown here. You will have to be peristsent as they dont always respond or look into things so keep sending them messages and if you are lucky and you did not do anything wrong they will unban your account.

6.Try Switching from a personal Account to a Business account. Don’t worry you can switch back later. You should be able to find the option in settings.

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Things to Avoid:

Do not Follow a tun of people at once, Do not unfollow a tun of people at once, Don’t like in mass, Don’t cut and paste the same comment or message over and over, Don’t Spam a Hash tag in every post, Don’t Place too many Hash tags or unrelated ones on your posts.Also never use third-party software that boost your followers artificially, allows mass following and unfollowing and so on as this will definitely get you into trouble sooner or later. That also includes follow for follow accounts as well.

Final Thoughts

There is no clear cut answer as to what you did to get yourself Shadowbanned from Instagram but with this Fix Instagram Shadowban article you should be more than able to deal with the issue and know what to avoid in the future so as not to be viewed as a spammer by the Instagram algorithm.

Please leave a comment below and share your experience or anything you have learned about this problem and how to deal with it. As always please take the time to share this article and check out even more great content on this website.

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