My PayPal was hacked! What should I do 2

My PayPal was hacked! The last words anyone wants to hear is that they were hacked. This is also really bad when its your PayPal that was targeted. Criminals can really clean you out when they get into your account. The last thing you want to excrescence is to get up at 8 am and see an email from PayPal from 3 am that you have changed your Password. Yeh… what the hell especially when you were asleep at that time. You might even think its a scam email wanting you to click on some link or something and it looks legit no links.

But it can really send a chill up your spine when you go directly to PayPal and try logging in directly with the Password that you have used a million times and it says its incorrect. shoot things just got real, the e-mail is real you have been hacked.

How to Know if your PayPal Account was Hacked?

A clear sign that your account was compromised is an email from PayPal that your Password has been changed and you did not change it,as whoever took control of your account wants to first lock you out so they can actually clean you out and add charges to your account. The legit email should be from and should not have any links and have a number you should call.

My PayPal was hacked! What should I do

What to do if your PayPal Account was Hacked?

1.Don’t panic you first need to go to PayPal main website and make sure its the trusted website and not a poser website. Use the Forgot your Password feature and you will need to confirm your Credit card number, telephone number or some other piece of information that’s associated with your account.Next Create a new strong password when the reset is successful.

2.In PayPal Settings change all your security Questions and the Answers.

3. To be safe Change your e-mail password and enable two Factor authentication.Also if you use the same Password on your PayPal with any other website go ahead and change those now and have unique passwords for every website.

4.Give your computer and other used devices a thorough scanning for viruses and other malware.

5.Contact PayPal and report the incidence, do the same for your bank. Monitor your financial statements for any changes. If money was taken you can talk to PayPal and your bank to see if it can be recovered or written off.

How was my Account taken over?

Each case is different but the main ways can included:

1.Virus on your home computer.

2.A website you use the same Password on had a breach of security like those that happen all the time with big companies and someone tried the Password or security questions and e-mail on various websites until they found a way in.

3.A security flaw in one website that allows access to your PayPal.

The possibilities are endless the key is to act fast and get ahead of the situation, the longer your account remains in the hands of a criminal the more damage they can do so be sure to follow all the tips above and don’t stop until all your password and security measures are changed to lock the intruder out and to keep them out.

Final Thoughts

I do hope you come out of this situation happy at the end of the day. Security breaches are happening all the time especially as we use technology more and more. Please take the time to share this article with a friend who may need it and also share your experience below as it may help someone else.

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