How to Spot a Fake DZ09 Smartwatch 2

Today’s focus will be on How to Spot a Fake DZ09 Smartwatch. While the DZ09 is a very affordable smartwatch there are fakes out there and when buying yours you will want to make sure you are at least getting the real item and not an imitation. Below you will find a guide on things you can try in order to determine if you have a Fake or the real deal.

How to Spot a Fake DZ09 Smartwatch?

1.On the original DZ09 smartwatch on the Home screen the icon for the dialer should be first followed by contacts and not the other way around. The options in the bottom right should say settings and in the bottom left menu.

2.Now type into the dialer *#8375# this should bring up information about your device. On the Fake the code may not do anything at all.

3.There is also a clear difference in the look of the font and lettering on the Fake vs the real DZ09 with the fake having different looking icons, Settings options and their positions are different.

4.Finally if you type in the following code into the dialer *#00000000# you should be taken to a screen with SSC info and some other options. Go ahead and select SSC info. next look at the build time or date, for a fake you may see a future date or nothing at all may happen when you enter the code which would indicate a fake device.

Video Demonstration

In this video below you will see directly a Fake vs a real DZ09 and what are some of the major differences which can be used to tell the difference between both.

Final Thoughts

So that’s it for How to Spot a Fake DZ09 Smartwatch. Please note that there may be other differences but those are the main ones that stood out to me, with that being said please comment below and share this article as it would be greatly appreciated. You can also check out other content here on the website.

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