How to Spot a Fake Samsung Galaxy Note 10

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus are now rolling out to consumers. With that being the case you can bet your top dollar that already the Fake Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ are making their rounds.

These Clone Galaxy Note 10 devices are as popular as ever. The last thing you ever want is to end up with a fake thinking you have the real deal.

This article will show you keys things to look out for so that you don’t get tricked into buying a fake or lookalike clone thats made only to look like the Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10 Plus.

What is a Clone Galaxy Note 10?

A clone or Fake Note 10 or Note 10 Plus is as the name suggest a fake version of Samsung’s flagship devices. These fakes are often sold as look alike devices that may appeal to some people.

The trouble arises though when people try to pass off the Fake as the real deal. So in case you want to know if you have a Fake or not read the tips below.

What Devices doe this apply to?

This tutorial is specifically meant to be used in relation with the Galaxy Note 10 or Galaxy Note 10+. You can use it to successfully to identify a fake or clone device easily.

How to Spot a Fake Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10+?

How to Spot a Fake Samsung Galaxy Note 10
Note 10

To spot a fake you will need to pay close attention to:

1.Front Camera: The Galaxy Note 10 camera is dead center and in the display. The clones often place a Camera in the top bezel and try to create the camera on screen with software which is not really there.

2.Thick Bezels: The bezels of the Note 10 are very thin and hardly noticeable, fakes often have thick bezels. That’s a clear giveaway.

3.In Display Fingerprint Scanner: The Fingerprint scanner that beneath the display is very hard to replicate. As such the Fakes often Fake the sensor and it does not work.

Go ahead and setup the Fingerprint scanner. Now lock your phone and try to unlock with the same finger used to setup the scanner. Now for the fun part go ahead and lock your phone and then try to unlock with the wrong finger. It will unlock with almost anything with the fake even your toe, pet paws you name it.

4.Input Lag and Bad S-Pen: Go ahead and remove the S-Pen and start to use it, if its not smooth and fluid in its operation something is wrong. If you get click sounds and lag as you write on the display you definitely have a fake.

5.Low Price : If you are getting a exceptionally good deal be aware. The Note 10 is around $1000 device and if you are getting a crazy discount you definitely have a fake trust me.So no $100, $300 or so price tags.

I suggest you buy from reputable sources. Usually a trusted physical store or online store would be fine. You can find a legit offering below.

6.Camera Quality: The Camera Quality of the fakes are subpar they are not very high resolution. Also you don’t have cool features such as image stabilization. If you look at a Note 10 in person such as at a Samsung store yo will see the difference right away.

7.Benchmark: Go ahead and download Geekbench or AnTuTu. Run the benchmark software, one or the other should work. On a fake you will find that one may not work or install. In some cases you will find that running the benchmark software will result in crashes or severe lag.

Finally if you do get a score compare it to legit scores of others online for the benchmark tool used for the Note 10. Also inside the benchmark tool check out device info for the Hardware inside your phone, You will find that the fakes have nothing that match the specs of the the real Note 10.

8.Android OS: The Note 10 is running the latest version of Android as would be expected. The fake has a older version of Android that was made to look like the latest version that’s on the Note 10. Don’t trust the system info on the device it will say the right thing, a app from the PlayStore should be able to verify Android version that on the device.

Benchmark tools too as the ones above can also do it.

9.Cheap Build Material: Fakes often have or is made from cheap materials. Look carefully at your device and look out for cheap workmanship or plastic where there should be glass and quality material such as on buttons. If you could also open up the back of your device the fake would become really evident from the internals.

10.Button Placement: Watch out for fake button placements that’s off in any way. Fakes often have buttons that placed in the wrong place or off in some way.

Also remember that the above are the usual stand out things about most fakes. But remember there are many fakes and they don’t subscribe to a single design motto so what flaw is in one may not be in another,so use common sense.

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