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So the Note 8 is finally here and with it you can bet your bottom dollar that Fakes have existed before even the release of the device and now that its out they can even produce more realistic clone or Fake Note 8 devices that to the casual observer looks like the real Note 8. In this article I will be showing you How to spot a fake Galaxy Note 8. If you missed it be sure to check out how to Spot a fake Galaxy S8.

With all that being said the really bad part of buying a new phone is when you encounter one for sale and you think you are getting a deal only to find out later that it’s a fake device. My advise is that if the price sounds too good to be true it usually is.Below are the main things to look for to tell if your device is a fake. It’s best that you be allowed to inspect the phone to test it out.

How to spot a fake Galaxy Note 8?

Below is a list of true and trusted signs you should always look out for to tell whether or not what you are looking at is a fake or not. It also help allot if you have had the chance to look at an original device before hand,the fakes tend to look obvious when you have seen the real deal. Here is how to tell a Fake:

How to spot a fake Galaxy Note 8

1.Inspect the Box: Inspect the Box that the device comes in usually in look for incorrect specifications of the device on the box such as screen size, model number, RAM and so on. You can look online for the official Note 8 Specifications. Also look out for shabby packaging and Quality control.

2.Matching Accessories: All accessories that come with the Note 8 and other Samsung phones for a particular generation usually match. Look online for unboxings and compare your accessories. Strange colored accessories and wrong types are a red flag such as getting Micro USB when you should get USB type C cables. Also there should not be any weird stickers on the device.

3.The weight: Fakes are usually heavier than the real deal the weight of the Note 8 should be 195 g (6.88 oz). fakes are way heavier and you will notice the difference if you ever held the real deal.

4.Placement of Sensors: make sure the Placement of the sensors and camera on the back is in the correct place. You should have the LED flash and heart rate sensor in the middle and the fingerprint sensor on the right with the Camera on the left.Here are some additional features of the Note 8.

5.The S-Pen: Check the functionality of the S-pen if the button on it does not work or the phone does not respond as it should when you remove it or its super difficult to remove you are looking at a fake.

6. Fake Fingerprint and Iris sensors: If the Iris sensor,Face recognition and Fingerprint sensor is Fake this is usually the best way to tell. Scan a finger and then try unlocking your device with another finger and if it opens with any finger you have a dummy sensor. Do the same with the others scanners and they should behave accordingly,they only create the illusion that they are working.

7.Display And Camera: The display on the Galaxy Note 8 should be the best thing you have ever seen so far and you should not be seeing any pixels. If the display is lack luster and dim its a fake. The same for the camera as pictures should be super sharp and high-resolution including those for the video as well.Colors should pop and stand out making your pictures really nice.

The curves on the display are also usually nun existent. The glass is curved at the edges but not the screen itself and the display is not an infinity display in most cases with huge borders sometimes at the top that look weird compared to the pictures of the original.Also you may see black border at times to the top and bottom of the screen that should not be there.

8.Its super slow: unlike the real phone fakes are usually slower devices that have been skinned to look like the real thing so there should be lots of lag and stutter as you use the phone.

9. AntuTu Benchmark: Download and run Antutu benchmark and look up your device Internals on the Info Tab. You can then compare what you see to the original specifications of the Note 8 stated by Samsung. I suggest you also try other tools that scan the hardware as sometimes fakes try to spoof popular tools to give fake hardware info. You can also benchmark your phone and compare the score.

10. Smart Switch: Search online and download Smart Switch and connect your phone to the computer,a original Note 8 device will be detected by Smart switch. You can open the app and confirm information about your device, if it does not show up its fake.

Where to Buy the real Thing?

You can purchase a 100% genuine Note 8 below and do remember to always buy from trusted sources online.

Always Remember:

These clones or Fake devices do not Subscribe to a single design philosophy and each clone can be different or have variations. You need to look for mistakes the creators make that Samsung would not. The Note 8 is a high-end device and the quality and workmanship should be evident the minute you hold it in hand. If you have any questions or thoughts to share please do so in the comments below. Also share this article on social media.


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