How to Set Up iMessage

If you are new to the iPhone or you have a new iPhone or other iOS device I will be showing you How to Set Up iMessage. I will also compare the Regular Text vs iMessage so you can tell the difference.

At the end of the guide you will have iMessage up and running and you will be able to tell iMessages from regular text messages.

Very important

Do note for you to send a iMessage you will and the person you are contacting will need to have a iPhone or other iOS device that supports iMessages.

iMessages can only be sent between Apple devices so bear that in mind before proceeding.

Setup Video Guide

Watch my video guide it walks you through the process and explains everything for you.

Click Play and watch

How to Setup iMessage?

To enable the iMessage feature you will need to go ahead and turn the feature on or activate it if its not already activated.

1.Go to settings.

2.Select messages.

3.At the top of the screen make sure the toggle beside iMessage is turned on.

4.You will have to wait until its activated if its the first time. Be warned that your carrier may charge you to activate. Once activated you should see a number or email beside send & receive.

5.If necessary click send & Receive and and you will be able to choose weather to use your number or email to send or receive messages.

Please Note:

1.You can send iMessages over WiFi or your smartphone data network.

2.Once the other party has a iPhone you can simply text them and if you have iMessages on and they do as well they will be able to send text, Images and voice notes over imessage.

3.Text that are in green are your regular texts. Text in Blue are iMessage texts and in both cases grey is the color of the other party texts.

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