HP TPN-C126 Laptop Disassembly

This guide will be a HP TPN-C126 Laptop Disassembly. Learn how to open up this Laptop so you can do various things including: cleaning it of dust, replacing Hard Drive with SSD, Upgrading RAM or replacing any other broken part such as CPU Fan and more.

This Laptop can be a bit tricky to open up fully but with this guide you will find that the process is made simple as possible.

What you will need?

You will need the following items for this job.

1.A screwdriver set with a Philips screwdriver.

2.A old ID or similar Plastic card.

3.Some time.

Disassembly Video:

So guys here is the disassembly video to walk you through what to do step by step. The guide is also written out below for you as well.

Click Play and watch

How to Open the HP TPN-C126 Laptop?

1.Turn the HP TPN-C126 Laptop or similar Laptop off. When the device is off go ahead and remove the battery.

2.Flip the Laptop over and remove all Visible screws, now remove the DVD drive which should slide out.

3.Look in the upper right and left corner you should notice a small rubber feet on the back either corner. Lift them both up and you will find two hidden screws.

4.Flip the Laptop over and using a flat tip screwdriver try getting into the slot between the Laptop and separate. Now use the old ID to separate the upper and lower half of the Laptop until it separates fully.

5.The Laptop should now open up fully, never force anything to separate if you encounter resistance then simply stop and look out for screws you might have missed.

6.Once Inside from here you can easily change out any part by unscrewing or un-clipping the part or lift a latch and remove the ribbon cable. That’s it you are now good to update or change any part you want including cleaning the Laptop.

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