KIMO Cordless Drill Driver Kit

This is my review of the KIMO Cordless Drill Driver Kit. I purchased this Cordless Drill to use as a at Home DUY drill that I could use to do cool stuff such as Install security cameras, repair stuff and do daily stuff that may come in handy.

I purchased the KIMO Cordless Drill Driver Kit after much research. I love that it comes with a variety of accessories that you can really count on. From a full set of 33 screwdrivers to a variety of sized bits. You can also use this cool to bore plastic, wood, metal and concrete surfaces.

What you get:

You do get the KIMO Cordless Drill, a Carrying case, 33 Piece screwdriver set, 1x 20V Battery pack, charger, A set of drill bits, extender tool and that’s about it.

My Experience:

The KIMO Cordless Drill does come with everything needed in the set. I also found that the battery is charged out the box which was a nice consideration and you can begin using this unit right away.

KIMO Cordless Drill Driver Kit

The user manual which is included is not too detailed or clear but everything is relatively easy to understand. Easier so if you have ever used a power drill you should be right at home. I love that the trigger is pressure sensitive and picks up speed based on how hard its pressed.

The drill bits are easy to install and tighten or loosen as needed to work. Also the setting needed to do stuff such as drill a hole versus something less intensive is easy to dial in. The indicators showing charge or when to charge is very clear.

Video Tutorial:

Check out my full look at this really cool power drill.

Things I did not Like:

You will find that the main documentation could be much clearer. The important stuff is there but more details needed. I also almost missed the 33 Piece screwdriver set, it came in a odd black rubber case that was black for me but may be red for others. It looked like nothing or a weight at first and I did not realize that the rubber cap could be removed revealing the 33 screwdriver pieces that I swore was missing from the KIMO Cordless Drill set when I looked through the pack.

Just wanted to note that in case anyone else runs into this problem the screw driver set is not missing and is actually that small heavy black or red rubber thing you cant figure out its purpose. A case made of hard plastic with a latch would have worked better and easily be identified as a set screwdrivers.

Beside that everything else so far as been good as I use this product over time I will learn more about it.

What I liked about this Power drill?

I really like the fact that this power drill has a clear charge indicator. It comes with lots of accessories as well. The price which is under $100 also makes it a steal of a deal.

I also love that it can bore concrete. You will not find many device like this that can do that.Some drills will tap out at wood and softer materials, you can do metal with this and more.

The included carrying bag is a nice touch and I really love it.

Buy Yours Now:

You can buy your Drill right now at the link below.


I personally think this KIMO Cordless Drill Driver Kit is the perfect deal. You get lots of accessories and extras. It very versatile and offers everything you could ever need. You simply cant loose with a cordless drill kit like this.

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