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The PlayStation 5 is finally here and everyone wants to get their hands on this Gaming console. With all the considerations what to get with your new PS5 one thing most users forget is that they actually need a UPS to protect their investment.

With a Uninterruptible Power Supply or UPS you can easily protect your PS5 from sudden power cuts that can damage your PS5 and even total power outages which can result in you loosing your save state and Game progress.

It then goes without saying that you should get a UPS to protect your Gaming console. But the big questions after this realization is which UPS should I get? and believe it or not there is actually a wrong and a right option.Unless you want to be sending back your newly UPS and leaving your new console at the mercy at the next random power cut.

How much Power or Watts doe the PS5 use at max?

The Best UPS for the PS5

So the PS5 will draw varying amounts of Wattage while doing various things. When Playing a demanding Game you will find that power draw of the PS 5 should be more at its peak.

The thing is though that not all Games are made equal and some games are more demanding than others. For example a Game that has big open worlds with lots of enemies on screen, complex environments, explosions and complicated physics calculations for falling debris can really draw on the resources of a console.

The PS5 has been recorded to draw 200 Watts at peak when playing next generation games such as Spider-Man: Miles Morales and other titles which are pretty demanding. While browsing the consoles menus the power draw should be very low and a fraction of what it was at its peak.

Best UPS for the PS5

Based on the 200 watt power draw of the PS5 it can be easily concluded with accounting for overhead power draw you will need at least a 850VA or 450W UPS Battery Backup to carry the PS5 should you have a brownout or total power outage.

This power requirement is very similar to last generation consoles and reason is that this generation PS5 is way more power efficient. This means you should get a little more out of your PS5 and your UPS.

The idea with the recommended UPS is that should you have a power cut you will be able to play contentiously and not have interruptions in case of a short outage. For extended outages you can easily power down properly and save your games with no damage to your console.

My UPS Recommendations:

The following are my recommendations based the PS5 so you can easily prevent sudden power cuts to your Gaming console. Remember also that a UPS is designed to only give you time to shutdown your console and not to give you extended play during a outage.

Starter UPS (Minimum Unit)

This is a entry unit and you will not get away with anything less. This UPS will give you the least amount of time in a full blown outage to save your Game and power down. It does give your protection from fluctuations in voltage and short power cuts. These UPS are 850VA or 450W in rating, the above APC unit works very well and is recommended.

Mid-Tier Option (Middle option)

These UPS units are a bit more expensive and can store more wattage but as a result they are more expensive as you would expect. These UPS options allows you to more comfortably save your Game and power off. These UPS options are 1000VA or 600W.

Best Option (Big boy)

This is the highest option of UPS outside of Industrial options and can easily power the PS5 and your TV set. This will give you enough time to monitor the power situation and then in cases the power is totally out to power down at your own pace with power to spare.

This unit is 1500VA / 900W and will give a few minutes of power in a outage.

Why APC UPS units?

Based on my tests and consoles over the years I find that APC works well. Not all UPS units are made equal and I know they work with consoles. There might be other brands that work but I have not verified that as yet.

The power requirements guide is correct but as indicated APC units are the ones I have found to work and do so very well.

Please bare the following in Mind:

1.Remember your UPS is meant to protect your Console from power fluctuations, short outages and give you enough time in a full outage to power down which is better than a full sudden power cut which can damage your console.

2.You will have only a few minutes even on the best option UPS given above. So don’t expect to be gaming for hours in a outage. To do that you would need a giant UPS that not meant for home situations as they cost so much more and are gigantic.

3.Make sure that for smaller UPS units that your console in emergencies can shut down from the power button. Any fancy modes such as rest mode or whatever name Sony gives it should be disable so that your consoles powers off when the power button is pressed in case you display is out.

4.If your UPS has a power monitor make sure you pay close attention to how much power you have left on the UPS as you power down or prepared to power down in a full outage.

Your Input is needed:

So guys if you have anything to share please us the comment section below I am sure others will benefit from your tips and things you have discovered.

So looking forward to your comment and feedback as always.

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