My Android Phone is stuck on boot screen Fix 175

If you are having the Android boot loop problems where your Android phone is stuck on the boot screen consider yourself lucky as you have found your way to one of the tutorials that can actually help you in fixing your device and free you from been stuck on the Android screen.

Full Description of the Issue

The problem is an all too common one where your Android smartphone begins booting then after the Android or Manufacturers logo the phone gets into a never-ending boot loop or your device just becomes stuck on the Android screen. Nothing seems to work in getting the smartphone back to functionality and the only way to power down the device is to pull the battery.

If you are having the problem as described above of:My Android phone is stuck on boot screen rest assured that the solution can be found ahead.

Devices that Can be affected by this Issue

The Stuck on the Android boot screen issue can affect smartphones of any brand that are ruining the Android operating system which includes the: Samsung Galaxy series of phones e.g. Samsung Galaxy S, S2, S3, S4, S5 and above, HTC, BLU  etc.

my android phone is stuck on boot screen

Phone stuck on Android screen Fix

Once the device runs Android including Tablets then they may end up in a boot loop and become stuck on the Android screen.For this guide we will be using the BLU Studio 5.5 as a guide to show you how to fix your device.

Why is this happening to my phone?

The problem is caused by a corrupted or scrambled Android operating system, to fix the issue you will need to reset Android to its original state, be warned that this will erase all your data that’s not backed up on your device and remove all the apps and personalizations that you have made to your phone. As always be sure to read all the instructions before you proceed.

Android boot loop fix

Power off your Android device, if it cannot be powered off by long pressing the power button then go ahead and remove the back panel and pull the battery. Doing so should force the device to power off.

1. Hold the Volume button up (In a few device it may be volume down) + the dedicated power button.

Side note: some device have a dedicated physical Home button if your device has this hold it as well

2. Once your Smartphones first logo or manufacturers logo flashes for the first time let go of all buttons except Volume up and you will be loaded into a special mode with a little Android guy on its back with an Exclamation mark.

my android phone is stuck on boot screen my android phone is stuck on boot screen

3. From the options menu navigate with Volume key up and down, Find Wipe cache partition and the when that’s complete go to Wipe data/factory reset scroll down to yes you are sure and allow your device to do its thing.

my android phone is stuck on boot screen

4. After the process has completed reboot your Android mobile phone and next time you boot it will no longer hang or be stuck in the Android boot loop/ screen where the device does not fully start up.


my android phone is stuck on boot screen

If for some reason the above did not work for you do not worry as in some case the phone can be experiencing a more severe issue that will require that you flash the stock firmware on the phone from scratch which will allow it to boot up fully once more and you should be able to use your device, otherwise:

Congratulations you have saved yourself a trip to the phone repair shop and a large bill and all it took was some common sense and a guide from to fix your Android stuck in boot loop mode, all we ask in return is that you leave a comment outlining your experience and whether this article has assisted you or not. Best of all if you are having an issue leave a comment and be detailed as possible and I will definitely get back to you.


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175 thoughts on “My Android Phone is stuck on boot screen Fix

  • Charles

    I dropped my phone on a concrete surface back down. The screen did not break, but i have since the drop been having problem with the phone. The phone boots at interval. I tried to reset it, i could not do it, because it flagged no command error. Please, help.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Sure my friend glad to help, when your device shows: No Command-after following the instructions above,press the volume up key for a few seconds (10 seconds or so), then without releasing the volume up key tap the power button once, you should now see the menu options as described above.

  • Lonestar

    I still have the problem… i’ve done so many resets and cache partitions but still it persists.. I have the stock recovery menu.. i have followed all the steps but still nothing.. any alternatives?

      • Miko Camia

        Hi Friend.. My android Tablet.. Is stuck on bott screen animation.. I followed your advice but I dont Have any recovery mode installed…

        I press ” Vol. up + Menu” but.. nothing .. I only see A android Recovery logo but dont have any list of recovery System

        • Ricardo Gardener Post author

          There is always a Recovery mode on Android it comes standard unless you removed it for another bootloader, if your phone was bought brand new and you did not modify it then its there. If no options show up try using Volume down next, these modes change slightly between devices.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      When it shows “No command” this press and hold volume up, wait 20 seconds and then while still holding up press and then release quickly the power button, menu options should show up now.

  • lokesh rathod

    bro , even after doing this, the problem still continues, wht do i do now , pls help me and my device is samsung galaxy y

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      It should be that you see the wipe and factory reset first then a screen where there is a lot of NO but in the middle is a yes, this is to prevent you from accidentally selecting the wrong option.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      You have to understand that every situation is different my friend and this fix does work but it will not work in 100% of all cases so be patient, try this, its a long shot but it might work:
      All the battery to drain completely from the device and try charging again from a completely dead state.

  • jabir hassan

    i did a factory reset but still my phone wont turn on…….it did turn on once but i put it into sleep mode and it wont turn on…..then i had to pull the battery out and do another factory reset and it still wont turn on…please help

  • janine

    my andoid phone’s power button won’t work and is also stuck on the boot screen. so when I troubleshooted using the instructions above, it won’t work since my power button’s not working

  • vivek gangwar

    i did wipe cache partition and then factory reset…then it is showing ” –/data/app/does not exist
    –system unmounted fail ” pleasee help plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rachel

    I own a Qware PRO5 tablet………runs on an allwinner a31 chipset………i did all of the methods above…….but i cant find my stock image..even if i want to flash it through a cm mod i cant………….i cant remove the battery
    Please help !!!!!

  • viktorialimonova

    I have a Sunstech Usun250 andoid phone, it’s stuck on boot screen , I did the factory reset and it didn’t worked.

  • Satbir Kushwaha

    Well, You are wonderful . You save my time and money thanks a lot god bless you. I am just trying to change couple of boot screen but with the last one my phone goes into the loop and it never ending . Thanks you so much.

  • Bhavya

    Hey Ricardo,
    My phone is Micromax Canvas A1 and while I was playing a game one day, all of a sudden all of my apps started crashing simultaneously and I had to shut down my phone. But when I rebooted it, it just stuck at the boot logo for 15 minutes so I removed my phone’s battery and rebooted again but still had no luck. I read your article and followed your instructions but it seems like it has a different version or something because there were different options than those in your description. But still I proceeded and selected the recovery option and after a few minutes my phone started to boot again but was still stuck at boot logo. Please tell me what to do to fix it because I have no clue. And also tell how to flash the stock firmware.
    Hopes to hear from you ASAP (OR you can e-mail me).

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      I see, You will have to try to flash your device my tutorial does not cover the flashing of your specific device so please try finding it and follow the principles I have outlined and it should fix it.

  • Tanay

    I tried factory resetting my phone and deleting the cache partition but still it is stuck. When I saw your flash method the problem was that my phone is not a blu phone.

  • Tanay

    I tried many times factory resetting my phone and deleting the cache partitions but still it’s stuck on the boot screen. I saw your flash method but the problem is that my phone is not a blu phone.


    Thanks a lot for an informative article. But my iball slide i6012 don’t have volume buttons. How recovery mode can be achieved?

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      I do not see how your device does not have a Volume up and down button that’s standard on all tablets, how do you control volume? You only other option will be to flash your Tablet if recovery fails.

  • Aditya Agarwal

    Same happened with my tab.
    I just tried everything u said but after every time I do that it comes again to the page of “No command” I tried it many times and now I think I am left with nothing.

  • Jane Bianka

    Hi Ricardo,
    i have a ZTE V829 , and it is stuck on the logo zte, so i follow your instructions and did a hard reset but, when i select reboot now,the phone turn off for 2 sec then turn on but still stuck on the logo ZTE, foor hours !! i guess that i should do a flash but i don’t know how to do, all tutorials are about samsung or nexus, there s nothing about zte, soo please help me, i can not live without my phone..

    thank you very much.

  • Deanna

    I only have two options either download an operating system or restart the phone and I’ve tried restarting but it just does the same thing over and over.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Deanna you might be in the wrong menu, that mode sounds like download mode and is used for flashing the phone, so you will have to find the button combination that gets you into the Android recovery mode,if you were using the up key first try the down one now.

  • juan

    I have an lg smartphone. I had an issue where my phone end up freezing at booting and never got to the main screen. Since i was within the warranty i took it to the company and they tried to hard reset but nothing happen. Is there a solution to it? Can i get my info someone if the hard reset was not conpleted?

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      As far as all the situation I have seen the info on the phone is lost, if the hard reset was not complete your info might be intact but devices don’t simply recover from such as state as something is corrupted and preventing normal operation.

  • Viperr Singh

    My phone was updating, and then it said error with a dead andriod…. I followed the instructions above and the phone comes on to the manufactures logo screen and nothing else is happening….. How will the phone get the flash the firm stockware… Or how can it be done?

  • Tee

    Information very helpful, however my BLU 5.0 only gives me the options of Factory mode, with a list of other items…ie..Tp Upgrade, PCBA Test, Essential Test and so on….And I get this screen from holding vol but down and releasing of power button…How do i fix the problem of wiping the cache clean if it doesn’t give me that option…Help please…

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      I your case try the button combination and hold volume up and down and the same time and it should say something like press up for recovery…, from what you have described you are in the wrong mode. You may also press the oposite button to the one that get you into that mode e.g. press down if you were pressing up to get to that mode you mentioned.

  • Andrew C. Diso-Agustin

    Hello! I am using a Bluewave 8 33GT tablet. It doesent have a volume button so i cant enter in recovery mode. Please help me.

  • makisha alford

    hey i’ve tried everything with my phone it started working for a short while after the steps you gave in the article above….shortly after that it started doing the same thing again……The problem that im experiencing when my Blu is …..when i press the power button to start up the phone it woould start and then go in to a phrase…where it keeps on repeating….

  • Johanna

    Hey.. We have done eveeything… Flashed.. Rooted.. Manual cleared everything… The problem is the screen will stay on the screen where the word galaxy appears.. It will vibrate and sound like a regular start up but it sticks there.. We cannot enter the reboot screen where you can clear cache.. We can go to download screen but nothing… So it seems out screen works.. We have done everything the websites have said… Pushing three buttons, two.. Etc… Using our pc to flash root etc…and the phone just stopped out of no where.

  • bhavesh tiwari

    Hi frind plz help me my phone model is maxx ax5i duo stuck on the Maxx logo I’ll tried all your tips but it not show recovey mode or factory mode it still boot normal and stock on logo not show options and one more problem when press power button and keep hold my phone not boot when I remove my hends on power button then he boot plz help me friend I’ll not have pc

  • hajar

    i did a hard reset but still my phone wont turn on…it stuck at logo screen….it did turn on once but i put it into sleep mode or lock the phone and it wont turn on again.then i had to pull the battery out and do another hard reset and it still wont turn on…please help me.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Did you try all possible button combinations? if its not down and up with power button it may be pressing both down and up at the same time with power, all Android devices have a recovery mode you only need to find the button combo.

  • j

    hi i have a BLU studio 5.5s and i have done a factory reset but still get the “BLU products” screen, before it used to get stuck on the screen after this one but now it seems it has gotten even worse. Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot?

  • Miguel Gonzales

    I bought the Blu Studio G for a young Mexican (16 years old) who lives in Baja California. His start up screen froze up as you describe but I restored the system following your procedure. I thought your procedure was clear and easy to follow. I thank you and Miguel thanks you.

  • buck

    i have a blu studio 5.0 LTE y530q and I downloaded the file on this sight and it came with no scatter file, or should I say the mega sight it redirected me to. please help

  • Amelia

    Hey I did the factory reset on my blu..stuck on homescreen and it started working however all the apps were not working anymore so i restarted it and same problem again nothing working…help plsssss

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      If reset worked first it should have worked the second time, also did you clear the Cache after reset? That might have caused the app issue. If hard resetting is failing then I suggest you try to flash your device, see the related article on that.

  • Tracey

    Thank you very much Ricardo…I just did what you posted and it worked…My phone was stuck on the android screen not even my service provider gave me that info all the told me about was charges to get my phone fix….Big up your self..blessings always

    • indileni

      my phone Hisense model : HS-U601is having a white clear screen when I switch it on , I can not switch it off without removing the battery, and it just make on and off. how do I flash it. my friend says its software. please help me

  • Jazmin

    Is there any way I can restart my phone without deleting anything?? My phone is stuck on the ZTE screen and won’t continue from there and idk what’s backed up on my phone and what isnt

  • Devon

    What I found also works, is to leave the phone to keep powering on and off. This helps though, I have a Blu Studio 5.5C D690U that I sent back to the manufacturer… Got a new phone and the same thing happened six months later. I was back in my country and it would be extremely expensive to send it back again.. So this saved me money, and reduced my worries.

  • Mary

    I can’t begin to THANK YOU enough for fixing my android phone!!!!!!!2 days of stuck on android. Again THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!

  • Roulla

    After I put my phone on charger it was just fine but when I pressed the power button to open it it opened the lock screen before I could do anything it closed it again so I did the same thing for like four or three times I mean pressing the power button so I thought of shutting the phone from the power button so I kept on pressing on it until it shutdown but then it suddenly restarted on it’s own and kept doing so when I searched on the internet I discovered it’s in a boot loop but I also read that it might be a power button problem or the power switch and I really want to know if the phone is in a boot loop does this mean that all the data on it got erased? please tell me what should I do, oh I forgot to tell you it sometimes while it’s constantly restarting it shows till half of Samsung label and then closes again and when I tried to reset it it shows no command error

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      If its in a boot loop and keeps resetting over and over it might be a jammed power button it also usually vibrates allot too. Your data is fine as long as you did not reset, the no command might be as a result of you pressing the wrong button.

  • Joyanta

    Hi Richardo,
    I am using BLU Dash C Music D390a and today it fall down from my hand and now it is not starting, just showing white screen with some blue and yellow line. Tried to do the factory reset but no other screen is displaying. Could you please suggest me what needs to be done?


    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Try removing the battery and holding down power and see if the display comes on after you reboot and try this a few times. You may have a case where the screen is broken if all else fails.

  • Denika

    Hi! I have a Blu Advance 4.0 L which I got 7 months ago. A month ago, I had an issue where I turned the phone off, and when I attempted to turn it on, it was stuck in a bootloop. It wouldn’t charge. I took the battery out, hard reset, wiped cache partition, everything: nothing worked. So I took it to a local phone repairman, who fixed it. He said that there was a virus on it. All of my stuff was deleted, I didn’t have a problem with it until now, one month later, I’m back in the same position. If there was a virus on one of my applications, it’s strange that on my Samsung tablet, I have the same applications and this has never happened. Even stranger, many of my friends are starting to have the same issue. I can’t get a new phone immediately, but I do need it for work. Please, can you help me? Thanks.

    • Denika

      This is me, Denika, again! In addition to this issue, my volume buttons have stopped working completely. My USB chord is really not operating with phones very well. I have to slant the phone in a certain position for it to be recognized by a computer, or for charging. The local phone repairman didn’t need to use volume buttons when he fixed it at first, so how can you help me help myself?

      • Ricardo Gardener Post author

        You will need your USB cable to work well if you are to flash your device which is what your local repair man did. I suggest you find out if its your USB cable or charging port thats causing your issue with your PC detecting the phone. Lets hope its the cable as it a easy change to work on flashing your device.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      I doubt its was a Virus. BLU phones tend to have this issue happen to them sooner or later. Samsung and other top brands rarely if ever has the same issue. The local repair man probably told you that as it was better than going into details. They also like to keep things a secret as they want you coming back so they wont tell you how they did what they did. If I were to guess I would say he was able to flash your phone and it fixed the issue, though temporarily. You either have to A. Flash the device yourself if you can or B. Find out what he did exactly, doubt he is going to tell you the truth.
      You could also take it back to him but sooner or later you might have to go back. You can check out the tutorials I have on flashing your device, but be warned finding the correct file you need is not easy.

  • supersuperdude7

    My phone is constantly restarting and is in a loop on trying to power on, getting stuck on the starting logo, powering itself off, then starting again. I am not able to pull the battery as it is a Samsung Galaxy E7, and non of the hard buttons seem to have an effect.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      You may have a stuck power button, try nudging and playing with it and pressing repeatedly this sometimes knocks it loose and it becomes unstuck. Also try holding Home+Power and either volume up or down to force power off.

  • Mike

    I have this Huawei Y6 Pro (G-Power) with android lollipop 5.1. At every restart or power on, the phone would be stucked on “android is starting…” “Optimising apps”. After which the phone won’t come on and bring on an error message “Sorry your systems fail to boot. Now enter the self-help capabilities. You can use this feature to restore to factory settings…” The phone would definitely come on after the “reset” but any attempt for a restart afterwards would prompt up the same said error message again. Hence, resetting the phone at every restart. This is really frustrating and I can’t continue resetting the phone every now and then. Your support on how to permanently fix this would be highly appreciated. Thanks

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Mike that’s definitely an issue. Do you have a SD card inserted? try removing it and see if it makes a difference. If nothing changes my friend you need to flash your device and reinstall the phones OS. I do have tutorials on flashing so do a search -best of luck.

  • Stefani Medecke

    I got to where you said to Wipe cache partition and when I did that now my phone keeps flashing from the beginning start up screen back to the little android guy and says Formatting/cache. Is it supposed to blink back and forth between the two and if so for how long?

  • Ecosa

    Hey, My Wiko Slide 2 keeps rebooting every now and then & sometimes reboots & then goes back to the screen where I was before it did…like back to whatsapp or messaging. What should I do?

  • rachel

    i try to reset factory data of my mobile because i forgot my password…after wiping data,,i reboot it but why is it, it takes too long in rebooting,,only android logo appears while turning the blue one in the stomach of the android logo,,,,and it says below,ERASING,,is it normal??

  • Donna Murray

    I have a blu 6.0 lte and it turns on to the white blu flash screen and won’t go any further. I have done a hard reboot a few times and still will not boot. It did boot up one time last night and everything worked but I had to replace the sim card so had to turn it off. Now it still only boots to the first screen. I was trying to do what you said above but do not find the file you talk about the android scatter file. when I open the scatter I only see 3 choices

  • Satrebla

    i have tried everything and its still not working, i have no idea what else to do. Its still stuck on manufacturer logo. Can anyone say something to say.
    i tried hard reset, backup firmware on bootloader and all software i could find about that

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      No both fixes will erase data that work in this case, for example flashing which is the other fix will erase all data as the tablets Operating system will be wiped. In my experience there is no other way.