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I am sure this situation sounds familiar to you, you go to your PC and hit the power button in anticipation of doing some work or watching a movie and the PC lights up as it usually does indicating its powering up but on-screen you see the dreaded message: No signal. This is one of the more annoying situations that can happen to a PC as usually there is no indication as what could be wrong with your device and the its simply stays like that no matter how long you wait. Today I would like to look at the fix for the no signal to monitor issue that affects so many computers.

Full Description of the Issue

The issue can manifest itself with several variations but in most cases the symptoms include the computer indicates that it’s powered up as the lights show but nothing is on the monitor. You may also hear a cycling beep that keeps repeating in some cases. The problem also persist whether you power the PC on and off.


How fix the no signal to monitor Issue?


To fix this issues follow the steps below and I highly recommend you watch the video above that demonstrates and do remember that this issue can be caused by many issues, the steps below start from the most likely and easiest solutions and works its way up from there so do try them all in the order given:

No Signal to Monitor

1. The first thing you can try to fix this issue is to unplug the PC by removing the power cord from the power supply, next hold down the power button for about 60 seconds or a minute while the computer is plugged out of the wall. In most cases this will fix most of those with this issue,also try it more than once and try holding power for longer if it fails the first time, if it still does not work read on.

2. Another thing to try is to reset the CMOS by finding the CMOS battery and removing the battery completely for a few minutes and then putting it back in. The faster way is to actually to use the reset jumpers that are found close to the battery itself, do this by moving the jumper from the first two pins of three to the last two which will reset the CMOS and fix the no signal on monitor problem you are having.

3. Another possible solution is to check the RAM you have installed if you have a single-stick remove it and clean it along with the RAM slot and try booting again sometimes dust can prevent a computer from booting and cause the no signal on the monitor problem. If you have two sticks of RAM do the same thing and try booting with one stick of RAM at a time. If you find a faulty stick of RAM that’s causing the issue then replace it. If you have one RAM stick you can try using a spear stick to test if it’s at fault.

4. Check your cables that run from the PC to the monitor it may be a case where you have a bad cable or the cable has become faulty.

5. Check your power cable or replace it if necessary and power supply if you have a spear as either of them might be at fault.

6. The Video card can also be an issue try removing it and using the motherboards on-board VGA or other port to see if it’s the Video card, if the on-board video works it’s definitely the video card and you will need to change it. It could also be the reverse if you don’t have a video card in your computer where the on-board video port has gone bad and you will need to get a video adapter or video card and place it in the PCIE slot and use that to support the video.

7. If all else fails you may have an old or faulty motherboard and you should change it.

Note that the No signal to monitor issue can really cut productivity as you try to fix it and the smart thing to do is to actually take the troubleshooting one step at a time and be thorough if you need help leave a comment below with your details and I will be sure to get back to you my friend.

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18 thoughts on “No Signal to Monitor Fix

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      I have suggest the top causes, usually if repeated attempts at them fail then you might have a very old PC that none of the above will help with, also don’t simply give up on first attempt of a given method at least try a few times.

  • Norbert Pálfi

    Hi,i have a pretty new PC,and everything worked fine in the old build,now everything lights up,every fan is working,but the monitor has no signal 🙁

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Seen that happen before, do as the video says and also check all the components to make sure everything is seated properly. Even a processor that’s not seated properly could cause the issue on a new PC.

  • Kameron

    Hi, I am not currently with my PC at the moment but I was wondering is it possible for broken pins on the CPU to cause this? (they kinda got bent and fell out…)

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Yes it could cause this in some rearer cases, You should be hearing beeps too if you have a speaker attached. But if as you say the pins on the CPU are broken then you have a real issue as the processor will not work and will affect the entire PC. You will need a new processor and or a Motherboard. If the motherboard is good only the processor will need to be changed. You need to be really careful when seating a processor to make sure its aligned properly.

      • Kameron

        That’s the answer I really didn’t want to hear but thanks anyway, I haven’t tried any of the other ways you said yet so I will try that first, if it turns out to still be the CPU then i’m doomed ( my CPU is multicore, there’s not a chance of the pins only breaking one or two cores or something is there? My hardware knowledge is abissmal)

        • Ricardo Gardener Post author

          Well it cant hurt to try but in my experience a broken pin is not good, all pins are on a processor for a reason. But do try the tips to rule all the alternatives out. In the future be careful with CPU’s and when installing them align them perfectly and put them in place. After that install and forget.

  • Lin

    Hi Ricardo,

    Thank you for your post. It is very thorough. I wish to ask if you can please kindly help with my technical issue. I have tried the above methods (Ram replacement etc) but still encountering issues with connecting motherboard to monitor.
    – The fan on the motherboard is working and there is a beeping sound to indicate that it is on.
    – Have used two different vga cables to connect to monitor but still no display. Have tested on another monitor and still no display.
    – Have tried to connect a USB keyboard to the motherboard to try and get into BIOS but no power to keyboard (have tested each USB port).

    Can you suggest any further checks I can do or how I should repair it?

    Thank you so much in advance and look forward to hearing from you soon.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      I think you may have a dead Motherboard! not sure as the Keyboard should be powered -such as lights on Caps lock should at least come on. Also does your Motherboard support other cables than VGA? I think a component is dead or defective somewhere. I think it could be the Motherboard or Processor unlikely in most cases but if you have ruled everything else out that’s the next logical conclusion.
      ooh also did you clear the CMOS more than once?

  • Rebecca

    Thank you so much! You are truly amazing. Held down the power button while computer unplugged and although it sounds
    Ike Voodoo it worked!

  • Ching

    Good afternoon guys! Please I need help., my problem is, if I turn on my computer but no display the monitor., and I cleaned the mother board and also the ram., but still no display., what can I do? And how to fix this my computer? Please help me.

  • Ice

    hello Sir Igot this problem.our panasonic tv was working fine when plugin as monitor to my cpu suddenly my brother change the resolution. then it turns to black screen. but the other function of the t.v is working only the display for the pc is not anymore working.. i need help please…