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As smartphones become more popular so too does the many issues that we face while using them also seems to increase. One such issue is the need to flash a phone that’s having issues and as such it is essential that we lean-to use tools such as Smartphone flash tool which allows us to reload the mobile operating system on our smartphones. But such tasks can be easier said than done as most users don’t even know where to begin with the process. I am here to demonstrate how to do this in the most effective way possible.

Cases in which you may need to Flash your phone

The reasons for flashing your phone such as an Android device are varied but the main ones include to fix situations such as:

  • Your phone is restarting automatically or stuck in a boot loop.
  • The operating system such as Android is corrupted.
  • You are locked out of your device.
  • You want to upgrade from an older to a newer OS or vise versa.
  • Your device needs a refresh.
  • You want to load a custom operating system.


Things you will need:

1. For beginners you will need a Flash tool such as: smartphone flash tool

2. A data cable that fits your phone

3. A computer

4. A firmware or flash file that’s designed for your phones exact model.

5. A bit of patience these things tend to take time and every situation is different when flashing.

What device can you Flash?

Almost any device can be flashed once its running an operating system especially Android, for this article I will be using the Huawei Ascend Y600 and showing you how to flash that device, but remember that the procedure can be used on any device. Its a simply matter of finding the right firmware (Google is your Friend). If you have a BLU then you can consult the article we did recently specifically for that device.

How to use Smartphone flash tool?

smartphone flash tool

Huawei Ascend Y600


So as we said earlier we will be using the Huawei Ascend Y600 to demonstrate how to flash your phone, you can download the Firmware file here or try this mirror if that one fails. For this tutorial we will be referring to the Version 5 of the smart phone flash tool which can be downloaded above. Also make sure that your phone is fully charged and that it being properly detected by your computer by installing the latest drivers.

1.  Turn off your phone and remove it from your computer if it’s not already disconnected and remove the battery, yes you heard me right remove the battery.

2. You should already have the necessary files from above downloaded and ready.

3. Now extract the smartphone flash tool Version 5, Open the extracted folder and launch the file: Flash_Tool.exe it will be easy to spot.

smartphone flash tool

4.Now select the option on the right that says: Scatter-loading.

5. Next load your scatter files which can be found in your firmware files that you downloaded earlier, as for you depending on what phone you are flashing simply make sure that your Flash file has a scatter file when it’s extracted or this method will not work. For Huawei Ascend Y600 you will notice that while I provided the File for the Flash tool separately it was included on the download page as SP Flash tool + recovery, the scatter file can be loaded from that folder after extraction it will be marked in a folder called Y600 and the original ROM is also provided for download.

6. When the scatter file is loaded hit download and connect your smartphone without the battery while holding down the Volume up or Volume down to have the PC detect your phone.

7.The process will run  and a green ring will appear when everything is completed after which you can close the Flash tool and power up your phone.

That sums up the entire process in an easy to follow manner I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and as always please feel free to leave your comments below or share this article with a friend.

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23 thoughts on “How to flash any phone using smartphone flash tool?

  • mark nhel

    you did great sir! ive been reading here in your website since last night and i learn so many things.. i want to flash my phone Lenovo A316i but i can’t find a firmware that fits onto my phone, can you help me sir?, thank you..

  • Kazakami Arashi

    excuse me but my phone wont connect to the pc, i dont know why but i wont connect… my phone is huawei y600-u20, the problem is my phone stuck at boot load and when i want to connect my phone to pc without battery, it just keep connect and disconnect…

    please help me!!

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Be sure that your drivers are installed and remember you should first:
      -Load and launch the program and then load the scatter file and hit download and then then connect your phone, the order is very important.

  • Antonio Tait

    i need your help i cant find the firmware for my huawei y600, the part on your blog that says( download the firmware here) that does not work. am trying to flash the phone because it stock on boot up.
    please send me a good link or tell what site to get it from, i also try to get it from huawei official site but it wont unzip need help please.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Sorry for that I have updated the links and they now work, also I have a alternative link just in case the first one ever goes down, for the first link be sure to use the download now option to get the file directly. Thank you for informing about the link friend.

  • angelfiredolphina

    do you have a video for this tutorial? after I press the download button — nothing happens. how can I know that it is in process. Does the computer can’t detect my phone?

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      I do not have a video currently of the process, I am considering to do one. It will not process if the computer cannot detect your phone you need to make sure the drivers are downloaded and installed for that to happen.

  • Keeno Martin

    Hello, I have a problem regarding in the step where in i connect the phone to my computer and hit the download button. whenever i hit the download button while i hold my phones up volume and power button, this warning window appear:
    [EMI] Enable DRAM Failed!

    Please check your load matches to your target which is to be downloaded.
    by the way I’m flashing my Huawei Ascend Y600

    Can you explain this to me, i will appreciate any suggestions and advice on this.

    Thank you.

  • Harry Hughes

    Hello, I have an LG G Flex Sprint (LS 995) that presently is stuck on the yellow Spark screen and will not boot any further. I dont recall enabling USB debugging but can get into fastboot. However, no ADB can discover/find my android. By researching different things to try, it seems my only recourse is to do a zip file with my file(s). At this point is it the boot and/or image files required? The firmware I found is: KOT49I.LS995ZVA
    Another obstacle Im working with is that I dont have a Windows OS. I only have Chromebook with which I have to research, learn and try all the work arounds for unzipping or zipping files. If theres another alternative please let me know.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • Marco_Yvens

    I need your help bro.
    I have alcatel one touch evolve (5020T)
    I want to flash it because I got some problems with it but I can’t find a flash file i order to do that
    Help please

  • saifullah

    hey can you help me pls my phone had a problem with this viruses I made a mistake of restoring after It switch on the viruses start to reappear now I can’t even get assess to any thing in my phone