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Cloudflare Content delivery Network & why you should use it with HostGator right now 4

A friend of mine recently pointed out that I was not getting the best speed possible from my website and that I could have better website performance for my users if I used a content delivery network to improve the browsing experience of my users especially those in far away countries and he recommended CloudFlare […]

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best deals of the day

Best Deals of the Day for Prime Day

Prime day is off to a great start on Amazon with great deals popping up every where, it’s basically Christmas in July so to speak and what we have done is decided to short through the list and give you a list of all the best deals of the day which we have compiled below […]

Prime Day-It’s Amazon’s Birthday

If you are not too familiar with Prime day don’t feel too bad as most people do not know a thing about it either, more over Amazon just came up with this special deals day. The idea though is that on July 15 Amazon will be having a special shopping day that promises to be […]

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